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Recap / Skip Beat Volume 14

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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Vie Ghoul is the new band burning up the charts by stealing Sho's moves, and Kyoko's hopping mad on his behalf. Kyoko's confrontation with Sho about his lack of action doesn't go as well as she hoped—Sho gets violent, and the creepy frontman of Vie Ghoul gets a good look at Kyoko's demons. Both men seem a little more interested in Kyoko than Ren would like, and Ren can't be there to protect Kyoko when his work schedule drives them apart. As Ren jets off to Okinawa for a modeling assignment and Kyoyo heads for Karuizawa with the cast and crew of Dark Moon, things start to heat up when it turns out that both Sho and Vie Ghoul are also in town.


This volume contains the chapters:

  • Act 79. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Introduction" note 
  • Act 80. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A" note 
  • Act 81. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A, Part 2" note 
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  • Act 82. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Section A, Part 3" note 
  • Act 83. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B" note 
  • Act 84. "Suddenly, a Love Story- Section B, Part 2" note 

Chapters in this volume provide examples of:

  • Fairytale Motifs: The cover depicts Kyoko as Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a cartoonish wolf licking its chops next to her.
  • Fate Drives Us Together: Discussed. While in Okinawa, Yashiro and Ren discuss the likelihood of Kyoko and Sho running into each other while she's in Karuizawa. Yashiro mentions that if they do meet up again, "those two must be bound by some sort of fate." Not even a dozen pages later, Kyoko encounters Sho while out walking.
  • Flower Motifs: It's a shoujo managa after all. Most chapters have a few instances of panel backgrounds filling with unexplained flowers.
  • Noodle People: Most characters in the series are drawn with excessively long arms and legs, but especially the prettyboys like Ren, Sho, and Reino, who are supposed to be models/ actors/ pop idols.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: Vie Ghoul has copied everything about Sho Fuwa that made him famous in the first place, from his risque see-through wardrobe to his musical style. They've even paid a spy at the Wood Stick recording studio to steal Sho's unreleased songs so that they can record a cover and claim the songs as their own work. It's a deliberate strategy on their part, hoping to convert as many of Sho's fans into Vie Ghoul fans as possible because he's one of the top Visual Kei artists in Japan.
  • Show Within a Show: Dark Moon is a type 1 example, where "characters are involved in the production of the show." The cast and crew even sets off to film on location in the beautiful resort town of Karuizawa.
  • Visual Kei: Vie Ghoul's style, to an even greater extent than Sho Fuwa (who they're copying).


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