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Recap / Rune Scape In Aid Of The Myreque

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Return to the Myreque hideout via the secret Hair of the Dog entrance, and talk to Veliaf. He'll tell you the story of the Seven Priestly Warriors of Saradomin, who fought Drakan's forces and blessed the Salve river to be an impassable barrier to vampyres. The Warriors were buried under the Paterdomus temple, but Veliaf thinks that one of them, Ivandis Seergaze, was buried in Morytania itself. Ivandis was also said to have had a special weapon that could harm vampires- keep an eye out for that, why don't you?


Also, the Myreque have got to move. Vanstrom found out where they were hiding in the last quest (thanks ever so much, player), so now that location's compromised. Veliaf suggests they move to Burgh de Rott, the only free settlement in Morytania (the vampyres haven't found it yet). You will go over to Burgh de Rott, but hiding from the vampyres has made the locals hungry, tired, and rather paranoid- they think any outsider is actually a vampyre. Giving them food will convince them to let you in, and they'll let you fix up an out-of-the-way basement for the new hideout. After that, you help them patch up their dilapidated town.

You help repair the general store, bank, and furnace- but after you fix up the furnace, Vanstrom Klause shows up and notices the smoke, realizing that it's a human town, and he leaves the human Gadderanks along with a few vampyre juvinates to collect a blood tithe from Burgh de Rott. Before any villagers are tithed, you defeat Gadderanks and his minions. While dying, Gadderanks tells you about the vampyre's weaknesses and ask you to find his family- the reason he was supporting the vampyres in the first place.


You then return to Veliaf and tell the Myreque to head to their new hideout- with the exception of their youngest member, Ivan Strom, who Veliaf wants you to escort to the Paterdomus temple because their mission is getting too dangerous for him. Once Ivan has been safely seen to Misthalin, you talk to Drezel about Ivandis's enchanted rod. He thinks that Ivandis was buried with the others, but after investigating, you find Ivandis's tomb hidden in the cave network of the old Myreque hideout. His rod is fused to the top- you can't get it out, but you can see that it's made of a silver-mithril alloy (silvthril), has a sapphire on top, and has both mortal and divine enchantment on it. Use soft clay on the rod to get a rod mold, and then re-create the rod with silver, mithril, a sapphire, a level 1 Enchant Jewelry spell, and a dip into the River Salve. Give the rod to Veliaf to complete the quest.



  • I Have Your Wife: What the vampyres use to force Gadderanks to cooperate. His family lives in Meiyerditch, which is vampire-controlled, and they can be kept safe... if Gadderanks does their bidding.
  • The Quisling: Gadderanks is a human who collects blood tithes from other humans. He's still sympathetic, since he's only doing it to keep his family safe.


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