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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 17 Kyoyas Reluctant Day Out

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Kyoya, who is notoriously bad tempered in the morning, is dragged half asleep into a department store and accidentally abandoned by the Host Club, who aim to study the life of commoners, and therefore understand more about Haruhi. When he wakes up, Kyoya notices that he is without a wallet or a cell phone, and that he's quite hungry. Luckily, he ends up meeting Haruhi there, alone, and they spend the day learning about one another. Kyoya reveals that he is the youngest of three sons of the Otori family and, as such, finds it a challenge to surpass his exemplary brothers in order to meet his father's high expectations. While wandering around, they encounter a vendor who is advertising fake pottery as genuine artwork. A woman is about to purchase something from him when Kyoya steps in and reveals both his knowledge of art and the vendor's trickery. Haruhi is impressed by his altruism in helping the woman but Kyoya claims he had an ulterior motive as the woman he helped is the wife of a very influential man, and her gratitude may be a benefit to the Otori family in the future. They reunite with the other hosts and find Tamaki has purchased a dog which he names Antoinette. As Haruhi leaves to go home, she comments to Kyoya that he really is a lot like Tamaki in his dedication to helping people even though he (Kyoya) pretends to not care. Kyoya is impressed, yet again, by her insight.


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