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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 14 Covering The Famous Host Club

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The failing Newspaper Club wants to obtain an interview with the popular Host Club in order to save it from being disbanded due to having lost all credibility by publishing only gossip and scandals. The newspaper club president, Akira Komatsuzawa, is especially interested in finding something to use against the Host Club's president, Tamaki, because he believes that Tamaki is using his parents' power to control the popular students, and he wants to exploit that information for his own benefit. Hard as they try as they observe the Host Club playing outdoor children's games, they're unable to "scoop" evidence about Tamaki's non-existent dark side. Akira decides he'll simplu make up something just to smear Tamaki, but is thwarted by the Host Club. When Haruhi inquires about Tamaki's parents, she learns for the first time that Tamaki's father is the Chairman of Ouran Academy, the benefactor of her scholarship.


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