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Recap / Ouran High School Host Club E 15 The Refreshing Battle Of Karuizawa

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During summer vacation, Haruhi gets a part-time job in a pension in the rustic resort town of Karuizawa. She feels guilty at first for not saying anything about it to the rest of the Host Club. Tamaki meanwhile freaks out because he can't find Haruhi and, believing she has been kidnapped, calls in the Host Club to locate her. Kyoya tells Tamaki that she went to Karuizawa for the summer. Still thinking that she was kidnapped Tamaki gets the Host Club to go and find her. Hikaru and Kaoru are surprised by the news and are desperate to find her. When the club arrives, a "refreshment" contest erupts when they realize there is only one remaining room at the pension and they all want to stay. The owner of the pension, Misuzu Sonoda, a cross dressing friend of Haruhi's father, agrees to the contest because it entails getting chores done around the pension, as well as having the handsome hosts visible on her property to draw in more customers. Honey is disqualified as being too babyish which also eliminates Mori. The twins have the upper hand as Tamaki struggles to be refreshing. Kyoya sits out the competition but assists Tamaki, who charms Misuzu by playing the piano. In the end, however, it's Hikaru and Kaoru who win by inadvertently demonstrating their "brotherly love." The brothers share the room and in the morning, are grumpy and rude to Haruhi. Just then, a friend of Haruhi's from middle school appears as a summertime delivery boy and reconnects with Haruhi.


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