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Recap / My Superhero Academy S 04 E 01 Honey We Shrunk Our Demon

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My Superhero Academy S04 E01 Honey We Shrunk Our Demon

Lucien: I'm Lucien Bright. I've been reassigned to this class. Nice to meet you all! Can't wait to get started. Class 1 is pretty much all the news around here.

Mikael: Probably shouldn't have done that on Reinbach's floor. But fuck it, he's a Nazi anyway.

Laurie: Right. Like [Interceptor] said, Mikael, sometimes things happen and there's just not much you can do. That's life. That said, what also matters is intent. And how you felt about it. I'm not gonna try to judge you or anything like that. All I wanna know is how it all makes you feel. Specifically killing those two demons. And if you're feeling any different than before you went into the Abyss yesterday.

First Post: 6 October 2018

Short Synopsis: Class One... actually takes a class. All they have to do is put together a shrink ray and shrink down an orange. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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