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Recap / Meta Runner S 0 E 01 Taris Live Stream

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We made an animated short where Tari tries to stream a game for you but everything goes wrong.

As the title implies, this short follows Tari as she attempts to do a livestream of Battle Blaze, which keeps getting interrupted by her friends.

The short contains examples of:

  • Animated Outtakes: While Sofia and Masa are fighting over the computer, they end up opening a video file containing several outtakes of Tari trying to open up her stream for everyone on the stream to see, much to Tari's embarrassment.
  • Canon Discontinuity: The events of the actual series would likely make this moment impossible, but then again this is just a fun little short made to promote the show.
  • Establishing Character Moment: This short sets up most of the supporting cast and their personalities:
    Sofia: Information is power, Tari! And you now have 962% more information than any other player!
    Tari: Why would I need to know what my character's breath smells like?
    Lamar: Yo, did you guys see my good pants? I got a date tonight with Sakura-chan!
    Tari: ...Is that... another body pillow? How many do you have, exactly?
    Lamar: Don't worry about it.
    • And Masa as a no-nonsense commander.
    Masa: Tari, this is a covert base of operations. Shut it off now!
    Sofia: Relax Masa. This whole place is secured by my proxy network. So you don't need to worry your angsty little head!
    Masa: It's still way too risky.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In the Top Donators section of the livestream, you could see SMG4 listed as one of the donators.

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