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Recap / Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

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Season 1

  1. Initiation Part 1: After the Shaolin Temple was burned down by a renegade named Tan, Kwai Chang Caine assumes his son Peter was killed, so he sadly wanders the country. Fifteen years later, he comes to a town where Peter has grown up and become a police officer.
  2. Initiation Part 2: Caine and Peter must stop Tan, who has become a crime lord and is terrorizing Chinatown.
  3. Shadow Assassin: After an author writes a book about shadow assassins, a shadow assassin targets him, so Caine must protect him.
  4. Sunday at the Hotel with George: Caine and Peter attend a wedding at a hotel, but the hotel is besieged by armed robbers.
  5. Sacred Trust: Caine is accused of murder, so Peter tries to clear his name.
  6. Force of Habit: Peter and his partner try to stop a criminal who has a stash of armor-piercing weapons. Peter learns his partner is abusive to his wife, so he sends her to Caine so he can teach her to defend herself.
  7. Pai Gow: Caine and Peter discover Chinatown is holding a life-or-death dice game.
  8. Challenge: Tan returns and challenges Caine to a duel.
  9. Disciple: One of Caine's martial art students perverts his teachings by using them for illegal underground fights.
  10. Rain's Only Friend: Peter loses his confidence and quits the force when he accidentally shoots an innocent bystander.
  11. Secret Place: Peter tries to negotiate with a man who has multiple personalities and has taken a school bus hostage.
  12. Dragon's Eye: A little girl is ill. Caine knows of an antidote, but a special herb is needed, and the part of the woods where it grows has been taken over by a Crazy Survivalist who has littered the area with booby traps.
  13. Blind Eye: Peter's blind stepmother is attacked, so Caine helps her use her other senses to identify the attacker.
  14. The Lacquered Boss: Peter is shot, and while he recuperates, Caine reminisces on an earlier adventure they had.
  15. Illusion: Caine and Peter go undercover to help nail a drug dealer.
  16. Straitjacket: Caine is the only person who believes a woman who has been made to appear crazy by her attackers.
  17. Reunion: One of Caine's former students asks for his protection when she witnesses a murder.
  18. Dragonswing: An old friend of Peter's shows up and says armed men have been robbing his town and kidnapped his girlfriend. Caine and Peter put together a ragtag team to oppose them.
  19. Shaman: Caine helps a Native American man who opposes a casino being built on his reservation.
  20. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden: A student of Caine's is kidnapped by a slavery ring. Caine also tends to her garden, as she believes the garden is the only thing keeping her grandmother alive.
  21. Redemption Part 1: Sing Ling is about to be crowned Emperor of China and Caine and Peter volunteer to be his bodyguards.
  22. Redemption Part 2: As Caine and Peter continue to protect Sing Ling from assassins, Caine abruptly disappears.

Season 2

  1. The Return of the Shadow Assassin: The Shadow Assassin attempts revenge by framing Peter for murder.
  2. May I Ride With You: Caine tries to know his son better by spending a day accompanying him on his rounds as a cop.
  3. Dragon's Daughter: Tan's daughter comes to town and starts seducing and murdering men, all to seek revenge on Caine.
  4. An Ancient Lottery: The Ancient wins the lottery and soon, criminals are coming out of the woodwork to try to claim the money.
  5. Laurie's Friend: A psychic little girl named Laurie helps Peter figure out who killed a cop. Laurie has an Imaginary Friend who looks just like Caine.
  6. Temple: Caine and Peter visit the site where the Shaolin Temple once stood and help the widow of one of the priests, who is being harassed.
  7. Only the Strong Survive: Peter goes undercover at a martial arts tournament to find someone who was kidnapped.
  8. Out of the Woods: Caine and Peter go camping in the woods. They encounter some lost hikers and an escaped convict and his sons.
  9. Tournament: An old enemy of Caine's invites him to a martial arts tournament
  10. The Bardo: Peter is injured and goes into a coma. Caine learns his soul is trapped in an in-between realm called the Bardo, so Caine enters it to try to rescue him.
  11. The Possessed: The Church tries to exorcise a possessed man, but the demon possesses other people.
  12. The Warlord: A Chinese warlord demands Caine cure his father of his illness.
  13. The Innocent: Caine has Jury Duty and is the only one who believes the defendant is innocent.
  14. Magic Trick: A magician at a nightclub hypnotizes, robs, and kills people. Caine becomes a magician himself to stop him.
  15. Aspects of the Soul: An old enemy of Caine's is ready to take over the Tong. He claims that he's a changed man, but the heroes have their suspicions.
  16. Kundela: After a man builds on Aborigine sacred land, they seek revenge on him and his family, which includes Peter's girlfriend.
  17. The Gang of Three: Three angry people become violent vigilantes, so Caine and Peter must stop them before people get hurt.
  18. Sunday at the Museum with George: The mastermind of the robbers from "Sunday at the Hotel with George" returns and steals an artifact from a museum, but it is cursed.
  19. Dragonswing II: Caine is kidnapped, so Peter gathers the team from the previous "Dragonswing" episode to rescue him.
  20. Sing Wah: An ancient rival group of the Shaolin called the Sing Wah marks an archeologist for death after he finds a Sing Wah document.
  21. Enter the Tiger: Caine and Peter help a man who is trying to bring democracy to China.
  22. Retribution: Everybody witnesses Police Captain Paul Blaisdell murder someone while he claims he is innocent, so Caine tries to get to the bottom of this.

Season 3

  1. Rite of Passage: While Peter tries to get used to his new captain, Caine travels to Shambala and battles an evil warrior.
  2. Plague: A madman releases a deadly plague on the city, so Caine and the Ancient try to come up with an antidote.
  3. May I Walk With You: Peter tries to know his father better by spending a day walking with him.
  4. The Return of Sing Ling: Sing Ling asks Caine and Peter to be his bodyguards again while he goes on an important quest.
  5. Manhunt: Peter is framed for murder and goes on the run.
  6. Gunfighters: In the Wild West, the Kwai Chang Caine from the original Kung Fu is mortally wounded while defending his wife and son from attackers with Sheriff Cheyenne Bodie's help. So he time travels to the present to receive treatment while his grandson, the contemporary Caine, travels back to save his grandmother and father and ensure his own and Peter's existence.
  7. A Chinatown Murder Mystery: The Case of the Poison Hand: Doctors are being killed by a mystical poison. Caine saves one by drawing the poison into himself, then must find the killer before he succumbs.
  8. Target: Peter suffers from Missing Time. It seems that someone is trying to control him into assassinating a dignitary.
  9. Citizen Caine: Caine runs for city council to stop a greedy land developer from throwing the residents of an apartment building out on the street.
  10. Quake!: An earthquake hits, throwing the city into chaos and helping a criminal escape.
  11. Goodbye Mr. Caine: Caine and Peter help a high school where violence is going out of control.
  12. The Sacred Chalice of I Ching: Caine and Peter try to stop a mystical chalice from falling into the hands of a Neo Nazi.
  13. Eye Witness: Peter tries to protect a man in the witness protection program from mobsters, but he has a bad history with Caine.
  14. Demons: Peter's friend Kermit asks Caine to help his sister, who believes her house is haunted by a demon.
  15. Deadly Fashion: A terrorist group with a scorpion motif infiltrates a fashion show, so Caine goes undercover as a designer while Peter becomes a bodyguard for one of the models.
  16. Cruise Missiles: Caine and Peter attend a wedding on board a cruise ship, but Sing Wah agents hijack it with a missile.
  17. The Promise: Caine helps an ex-girlfriend whose husband is being threatened.
  18. Flying Fists of Fury II: Masters of Illusion: A martial arts movie is being sabotaged and people are trying to murder the star, who looks just like Peter.
  19. Banker's Hours: Robbers hold everyone in a bank hostage, including Caine.
  20. Kung Fu Blues: Caine meets an old friend, a blues singer. The singer is trying to reconcile with his daughter, an aspiring singer, but she is mixed up with a mean producer.
  21. Brotherhood of the Bell: Caine disappears and a man claiming to be his brother offers to help Peter find him, but the man is more than he seems.
  22. Destiny: Peter decides to complete his Shaolin training, but a dark force is loose.

Season 4

  1. Dark Vision: Peter is having visions of murders.
  2. The First Temple: Caine and Peter time travel to the beginning of the Shaolin Temple and help the priests learn how to defend themselves.
  3. Circle of Light: Peter is assigned to transport a crooked cop to Chicago for trial, but the cop's commander is determined to make sure he doesn't make it to Chicago alive.
  4. Prism: Police Captain Karen Simms is witnessed shooting someone while she claims she is innocent.
  5. Black Widow: An ancient rival group of the Shaolin with a spider motif asks Caine to join them. When he refuses, they seek revenge by targeting his loved ones.
  6. Shaolin Shot: Peter gets into an argument with Caine. Meanwhile, a hockey team is being targeted, so Peter goes undercover as a player.
  7. The Phoenix: The Dalai Lama visits and is targeted by an assassin with control over flames, who happens to be a childhood friend of Peter.
  8. Special Forces: An old enemy of Caine and Peter has taken over a military academy with hypnosis.
  9. Dragon's Lair: A group of kids uncover a cursed board game and start playing. Every move they make affects people miles away.
  10. Veil of Tears: Some old enemies of Caine return and start attacking several business owners.
  11. Chill Ride: Caine and Peter investigate when a carnival horror ride starts killing people.
  12. Escape: Kermit goes missing. While investigating, Caine and Peter discover terrorists who are holding the family members of diplomats and politicians hostage.
  13. Who is Kwai Chang Caine?: Caine is hit by a car and disappears. Later, he surfaces as a casino's pianist with amnesia, recognizing none of his friends or loved ones.
  14. Storm Warning: Kermit is obsessed with seeking revenge on the man who killed his brother and tracks him to Florida with Caine and Peter following. Kermit is so consumed by revenge that he keeps chasing the man even though a hurricane is happening.
  15. A Shaolin Treasure: The Sing Wah steal an ancient treasure and sell it to a publishing house that decides to use it for the prize of a treasure hunt. Then the Sing Wah decides they want the treasure back.
  16. Dark Side of the Chi: Caine is poisoned by a mystical toxin that traps his soul in the Bardo, so Peter and others attempt to rescue him.
  17. Ancient Love: Thieves are after an artifact owned by a woman. Her grandfather is an old enemy of the Ancient, so he refuses to help.
  18. Blackout: The city is hit with a blackout and criminals run wild.
  19. Time Prisoners: Caine and Captain Simms are abducted and sent back in time, so Peter and Kermit attempt to retrieve them.
  20. A Shaolin Christmas: On Christmas Eve, a blizzard hits and criminals run wild.
  21. May I Talk With You: After Caine defuses a hostage situation at a radio station, he is given his own radio show. A disgruntled man calls in and claims he's going to murder his wife and son, so Caine tries to talk him down.
  22. Requiem: Caine faces his final challenge to become a Shambala master and is split into his good and evil halves. Peter wants to help him, but the Ancient tells him he must complete his Shaolin training.

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