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Recap / I Zombie S 3 E 11 Conspiracy Weary

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Liv and Blaine rescue Don E. and Ravi from the anti-zombies, with Fillmore Graves arriving a litle later to kill two of them and offer support, but Harley flees. Liv, Blaine and Don E. share the brain of one of the conspirators and get his paranoid and conspiracy-theory-filled personality. Using Liv's visions and some investigation, Liv and Clive find Harley's secret shelter. When they find Harley there, Liv has a vision proving that he's innocent of Wally and Ana's deaths. Harley then attempts to shoot them, but Clive shoots him back, revealing that he has become a zombie.


Peyton meets Weckler's daughter and finds out she is a zombie by witnessing her having a vision. With this knowledge, she and Liv theorize that Baracus was threatening Weckler's daughter and then had Weckler killed.

Major gets informed by Liv that Shawna is posting about their relationship in the internet and he breaks up with her, to which she responds by selling t-shirts with an image of him shirtless and with "Killer Abs" written. The ending implies he feels more at home with the zombies than with the humans after this.

Ravi opens up to Rachel about zombies, but she turns out to be an undercover reporter researching on zombies. She writes a front page article in a newspaper about zombies, which Ravi finds.

  • And Then John Was a Zombie: Harley's final fate in this episode.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Rachel and Shawna were both lying to the man interested in them for their own selfish reasons. Rachel used Ravi to write an article; Shawna was posted photos of Major on the internet without his consent and then sold t-shirts.
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  • Fanservice: Chase is completely naked to be spray-tanned.
  • Frame-Up: Harley's truck had the weapons used to kill Ana and Wally, but it turns out that he was innocent, so someone must have placed them there to frame him.
  • Found Footage Films: Filmore-Graves is putting out the story that the video of the "zombie reveal" was just a trailer for such a movie.
  • Wham Shot: Harley coming into light at the end of the episode, showing that he has become a zombie.


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