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Recap / I Zombie S 3 E 12 Looking For Mr Goodbrain Part 1

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With Major's help, Liv and Clive tranquilize the newly-zombified Harley and stash him in a freezer until they decide what to do with him. Back at the morgue, Liv finds out that her full-on zombie mode photo was on the cover of a newspaper and she is now Seattle only's identifiable zombie. After hiding underneath the table from Ravi's former boss Katty who came to talk about the article, she decides to dye her hair and spray tan the following morning. Rachel goes after Ravi, but he's not interested in talking with her after reading the news and realizing she used him to write the article.


Katty shows up dead in an alley the following morning. Liv, Clive and Ravi learn she was investigating a possible Aleutian Flu outbreak that might be an act of bioterrorism. As they investigate, Liv is plagued by visions of Katty having sex with Ravi. Clive finds out at last minute that one of the Katty's suspects changed seats with a girl out of first class. The girl was none other than Patrice, the girl who was with Tatum in "Return of the Dead Guy," and, as it turns out, Carey Gold's daughter.

Baracus figures out that Peyton knows about zombies and asks her to be his Chief of Staff, since someone aware of the zombie issue would be necessary in order to help out when the inevitably closing D Day comes by.

Major is outed as a human and Chase fires him, but his friends decide to throw him a farewell bash. He and Natalie meet again and end up sleeping together. Natalie tells Major that she is starting a new life in Italy and invites him to go with her.


Under the effects of the promiscuous Katty's brain, Liv starts frequenting a local hotel bar and flirts with anonymous men, though manages to control herself before actually sleeping with any of them. In a fit of doubt, she reaches out to Justin to confirm that they are now an official couple and are exclusive. Still under the effects of the brain, Liv goes to the bar again and meets with Chase Graves. The two flirt and end up sleeping together, but then she finds out Chase has a connection to the victim.

Some of Harley's friends break him out of the freezer. Believing he is dead, they drop their guard. When he thaws, still craving brains, he kills them and then flees to Major's farewell party with a dynamite vest and blows himself up, taking out almost everyone in the party except Justin and Major, who had just left to talk outside.



  • All Women Are Lustful: Under effect of Katty's brain, Liv becomes attracted to every male stranger she meets.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Major is confronted by his teammates, seemingly upset about his being human. Instead, they're more impressed he was risking his life with them, knowing he could get killed easily and still consider him a teammate.
  • Brain Bleach: Liv needs that after seeing Ravi getting hot and heavy with Katty through her eyes.
  • Back for the Dead: Natalie returns into Major's life and asks him to come with her to Italy. He actually considers it, but she's killed along with dozens of mercs when Harley suicide-bombs the party.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: Harley refuses to eat the brain mash because he thinks of himself as above this, but in a few seconds, he is on the floor eating it.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The title is one to Looking for Mr. Goodbar.
    • Ravi explains his pain is from an old Quidditch injury.
  • Suicide Attack: After attacking and eating his friends, Harley shows up to the party the mercs are throwing for Major with a dynamite vest, killing himself, dozens of mercs, and Natalie. Luckily, Major and Justin were talking outside when that happened.

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