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Recap / He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)

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Note: Several episodes aired out of order.

  1. The Cosmic Comet: A sentient comet sides with Skeletor. The heroes ask Zagraz, an old wizard with a connection to comets, for help.
  2. The Shaping Staff: Evil-Lyn has acquired the Shaping Staff, which can transform anyone into anything.
  3. Disappearing Act: Orko accidentally makes Prince Adam's Power Sword vanish, just as Skeletor kidnaps Adam.
  4. Diamond Ray of Disappearance: Skeletor acquires the Diamond Ray of Disappearance, a gem that banishes whoever looks at it to another dimension.
  5. She-Demon of Phantos: Skeletor puts Queen Elmora of Phantos under his spell and makes her supply him with the powerful metal Photanium and attack the heroes with her magic.
  6. Teela's Quest: Teela goes on a quest to learn who her mother is. Mer-Man, who tried to sacrifice Teela to a demon as a baby but was stopped, is eager to finish the job.
  7. The Curse of the Spellstone: Skeletor steals the Spellstone, giving him the power to control the weather. Evil-Lyn then turns the townsfolk against the royal family.
  8. The Time Corridor: Skeletor travels back to ancient times and plants a bomb on the site where Castle Grayskull will be built, so He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and Orko travel back to stop him.
  9. The Dragon Invasion: Skeletor unleashes an army of dragons on Eternia.
  10. A Friend in Need: The evil sorcerer Jarvan makes Teela's friend Ileena become addicted to a drug so that she will serve him.
  11. Masks of Power: Aran and his sister Oona want to work for Skeletor. He sends them to steal two magical masks, but they put them on and are possessed by the masks' original owners, two evil sorcerers called Demos and Tyrella.
  12. Evil-Lyn's Plot: Evil-Lyn disguises herself as an innocent girl named Nadira to trick the Widgets into showing her where they keep the powerful mineral Coridite.
  13. Like Father, Like Daughter: Skeletor gathers a huge army of Serpentoids and kidnaps Man-At-Arms. His daughter Teela must complete his latest invention for the heroes to stand a chance.
  14. Colossor Awakes: Skeletor creates a device that can turn flesh to stone and bring stone to life. While He-Man and Teela try to restore the people he turned to stone, Skeletor brings the massive statue Colossor to life.
  15. A Beastly Sideshow: Beast Man disguises himself as a circus owner and captures Cringer.
  16. Reign of the Monster: Skeletor frees a powerful monster called Molkrom from imprisonment.
  17. Daimar the Demon: When Orko goes looking for someone to play with, he summons a creature from the Dark Dimension that seems harmless... at first.
  18. Creatures from the Tar Swamp: When Prince Adam's snobbish cousin Lady Edwina visits, Orko is smitten and tries to impress her. Meanwhile, Skeletor revives the extinct beasts of the Tar Swamp.
  19. Quest for He-Man: Skeletor manages to erase He-Man's memory and then banish him to another dimension. While his friends try to retrieve him, he befriends a native and protects her from a tyrant.
  20. Dawn of Dragoon: Dree Elle, a female of Orko's race, appears and explains Dragoon is terrorizing Orko's home world of Trolla. When Orko, He-Man, and Battlecat arrive on Trolla to help, they discover that while Orko's magic actually works, He-Man and Battlecat lost their powers.
  21. The Royal Cousin: Prince Adam's cousin Jeremy, a notorious prankster, visits. Evil-Lyn tricks Jeremy into aiding her.
  22. Song of Celice: The kingdom of Tahryn is threatened by a monster called Yog, which can only be kept asleep by the singing of a girl named Celice. Skeletor kidnaps Celice, hoping to use her song on the Sorceress of Grayskull, while Yog goes on a rampage.
  23. The Return of Orko's Uncle: Orko's uncle Montork is on the trail of an evil Trollan wizard called Azrog, who has teamed up with an Eternian witch called Spydra.
  24. Wizard of Stone Mountain: Mallek the wizard makes a deal with the demon Lokus to win Teela's heart, but naturally, the demon betrays him.
  25. Evilseed: Evilseed tries to use his control over plants to take over Eternia. He-Man and Skeletor reluctantly work together to stop him.
  26. Ordeal in the Darklands: Evil-Lyn kidnaps Mira, the daughter of the powerful sorcerer Kor, and frames He-Man and Man-At-Arms for it, leading to Kor attacking them.
  27. Orko's Favorite Uncle: The evil wizard Tauron takes control of Orko's uncle Montork and makes him help Tauron try to conquer Castle Grayskull.
  28. The Defection: A formerly evil sorceress named Sibyline, who has defected to the side of good, enlists the help of He-Man to help free the Isle of Tears from the rule of her former master, the monstrous Gorgon.
  29. Prince Adam No More: Prince Adam becomes depressed when his father King Randor compares him unfavorably to He-Man and longs to tell his father his secret. Meanwhile, Skeletor fires Beast Man, who attempts to prove his worth by kidnapping Randor.
  30. The Taking of Grayskull: Skeletor captures Castle Grayskull by transporting the entire building to another dimension.
  31. A Tale of Two Cities: He-Man gets caught up in a war between two rival cities. He gets knocked out and suffers amnesia, then is captured and sentenced to be a gladiator.
  32. Search for the VHO: Prince Adam and Teela travel to Selkie Island to deliver a sonic device that can influence animals, but Mer-Man tries to steal it.
  33. The Starchild: He-Man helps mediate when two tribes fight each other for custody of a little girl called the Starchild, who has incredible powers.
  34. The Dragon's Gift: Skeletor turns Man-At-Arms into a crystal statue. The dragon Granamyr is the only one who can reverse it, but he dislikes humans and refuses to help unless He-Man and Teela can complete a task for him.
  35. The Sleepers Awaken: Adam and Teela explore an old castle just as its owners, the vampire-like tyrants Lord Tyrin and Lady Valtira, awaken from a centuries long sleep.
  36. The Search: He-Man races Skeletor to the Starseed, a chunk of cosmic matter that can grant limitless power.
  37. It's Not My Fault: When a girl named Podi accidentally breaks one of Man-At-Arms' inventions, she runs away, only to be kidnapped by her father's enemy Rago.
  38. Valley of Power: A criminal named Danavas steals water from the Valley of Power, which grants him great strength, then steals a Mother Roe's egg, causing the creature to go on a rampage.
  39. Trouble in Arcadia: Adam and Teela stumble upon the hidden city of Arcadia, where the men are forced to work as slaves in underground mines while the women live in luxury in the beautiful city above.
  40. House of Shokoti Part 1: He-Man, Battle Cat, Ram Man and Orko journey to the desert to investigate the sudden appearance of a mysterious pyramid.
  41. House of Shokoti Part 2: Inside the pyramid, the evil sorceress Shokoti plans to awaken a demon to conquer Eternia.
  42. Double Edged Sword: A young boy named Chad who dreams of being a soldier learns the true horrors of war when he witnesses a battle between He-Man and Trap Jaw. Trap Jaw wants the special fuel Eternium, which will greatly boost his power.
  43. The Mystery of Man-E-Faces: Adam tells Man-At-Arms the story of how Man-E-Faces went from being a villain who terrorized innocent people, to a noble hero and actor of the Royal Court.
  44. The Region of Ice: Skeletor kidnaps Snowflake, the daughter of the Ice Lord. The Ice Lord kidnaps the royal family to trade them, but since he has no idea what He-Man looks like, he mistakes Orko for him.
  45. Orko's Missing Magic: Orko accidentally transfers his magic to a creature called a Gronk, which is then sent to the distant world of Omiros. He-Man and Orko travel there to retrieve it.
  46. Eternal Darkness: Darkdream, a villain who can manipulate dreams into nightmares but cannot stand sunlight, plots to cause a permanent solar eclipse so he can rule Eternia forever.
  47. Keeper of the Ancient Ruins: While exploring a site of ancient ruins, Man-At-Arms and Professor Smallen are taken captive by ancient robots called the Zactons.
  48. Return of Evil: A powerful warrior named Aremesh hunts down Orko for his magical secrets and seems unstoppable.
  49. Return of the Gryphon: When a shrine with a mystic jewel is disturbed, a legendary gryphon awakens and goes on a rampage.
  50. Temple of the Sun: Zoar is captured by the power hungry Nepthu, who has discovered the secrets of the legendary Temple of the Sun.
  51. City Beneath the Sea: While investigating ship disappearances, He-Man and Man-At-Arms discover the underwater city of Aquatica, which has been taken over by Mer-Man.
  52. Teela's Trial: Teela tries to use a teleportation device on her father Man-At-Arms, but he doesn't reappear. Struck with guilt, she exiles herself.
  53. Dree Elle's Return: Dree Elle returns to Eternia to ask Orko to help find a dangerous Trollan artifact called the Horn of Evil.
  54. Game Plan: A villain called Negator kidnaps several heroes and traps them in a video game.
  55. Eye of the Beholder: Skeletor starts to drain the sea and the oxygen in the atmosphere. He-Man tries to get a race of insect people to overcome their prejudice so they can work together to solve the problem.
  56. Quest for the Sword: Two rock creatures steal He-Man's sword. He-Man struggles to find them, for without the sword, he can't turn back into Prince Adam.
  57. Castle of Heroes: The villain Monteeg captures heroes from across space and time, and asks Skeletor to help him add He-Man to his collection.
  58. The Once and Future Duke: Adam and Teela are shocked to find their friend David is a child again. They find out David's evil uncle Count Marzo did this to him.
  59. The Witch and the Warrior: Evil-Lyn and the evil wizard Kothos both try to steal the waters of the Fountain of Life. Kothos steals Evil-Lyn's powers and then strands her and Teela in the desert, forcing the two to work together.
  60. The Return of Granamyr: Granamyr asks for He-Man's help. A young dragon named Torm has fallen in love with a human named Lyra and needs He-Man to be his champion for an Engagement Challenge.
  61. Pawns of the Game Master: The Game Master regularly captures people to be gladiators. He captures Teela and Adam's sword, forcing Adam to rescue her as himself.
  62. Golden Disks of Knowledge: A wizard named Zinthor who was imprisoned for selling the Golden Disks of Knowledge to Skeletor begs for a chance at redemption by helping He-Man recover them.
  63. The Huntsman: Adam and Teela try to stop Baron Grod from hunting a Unicorn.
  64. The Remedy: Man-At-Arms' mentor Rohad becomes very sick, so He-Man tries to find a rare plant to make a cure.
  65. The Heart of a Giant: Orko is terrified of a giant, but learns looks aren't everything when they are both captured by an evil spacefaring sideshow owner.
  66. The Cat and the Spider: Mistakenly believing the Cat Folk are extinct, the heroes explore one of their temples and take a statue, unaware it holds a demon. The Cat Folk sends an agent named Kittrina to retrieve the statue, but then Skeletor's minion Webstor steals it.
  67. The Energy Beast: Feeling unappreciated, Orko frees an Energy Beast from its prison when it promises to grant his fondest desire. Unfortunately, the creature was lying and goes on a rampage.
  68. Day of the Machines: Man-At-Arms blames himself when an experiment goes wrong and attempts to retire. Skeletor takes control of all the palace's machines.
  69. The Gamesman: A chess-playing nobleman named Lord Todd invites Teela to visit his home. Just as they leave, the Sorceress of Grayskull warns the heroes that Lord Todd is pure evil.
  70. Fisto's Forest: Fisto tells a young boy the story of how he was once an evil villain who terrorized the people of the forest, before He-Man convinced him to change his ways.
  71. The Rarest Gift of All: After messing up gifts for the King and Queen, Orko runs away from home, so He-Man and Teela try to find him.
  72. The Great Books Mystery: A villain called Batros steals all the books in Eternia. Intrigued, Skeletor tries to recruit him.
  73. Origin of the Sorceress: The Sorceress of Grayskull tells He-Man her origin story as they prepare for battle against the evil wizard Morgoth.
  74. Island of Fear: While investigating the disappearance of ships, the heroes discover Skeletor has control of a floating island.
  75. To Save Skeletor: Skeletor summons a powerful demon called Sh'Gora, but loses control over it, and is forced to join forces with He-Man to stop it before it destroys Eternia.
  76. The Ice Age Cometh: A young guard named Phillip's carelessness allows Skeletor's minion Icer to threaten Eternia with an Ice Age.
  77. Trouble in Trolla: Dree Elle summons Orko to Trolla to help overcome Skeletor's ally Whiplash, who has enlisted the help of a misguided Trollan wizard to attain magic powers.
  78. Betrayal of Stratos: Stratos is accused of betraying the Bird People of Avion to Skeletor, and He-Man must help him prove his innocence.
  79. Disappearing Dragons: Granamyr asks for help when his fellow dragons start disappearing.
  80. The Shadow of Skeletor: Skeletor is attempting to stir up a war between the inhabitants of Eternia's twin moons. Man-E-Faces goes undercover by disguising himself as Beast Man to put a stop to Skeletor's scheme.
  81. The Arena: A powerful alien called Om interrupts a battle and transports He-Man and Skeletor to an empty battlefield, ordering them to face each other in a duel and prove whether Good or Evil is superior.
  82. Attack from Below: A subterranean race called the Belots who are convinced surface dwellers are evil start stealing crops. Teela tries to convince them to make peace.
  83. Into the Abyss: While on a training exercise with Prince Adam, Teela falls into the dark and bottomless abyss that surrounds Castle Grayskull. Unsure whether or not she is still alive, Adam and Man-At-Arms must do everything they can to rescue her.
  84. Fraidy Cat: When Queen Marlena is kidnapped, Cringer must overcome his fears to rescue her.
  85. The Rainbow Warrior: Skeletor captures everyone except Queen Marlena, who calls upon her old piloting skills to mount a rescue.
  86. A Trip to Morainia: Prince Adam, Orko, and Cringer go to the ice Kingdom of Morainia to pick up a gift that the King Boreas has offered to King Randor. While there, the Morainian king is kidnapped by Skeletor, and it is up to He-Man, Battle Cat, Orko, and Janice, the king's daughter, to find out where he's hidden and get him back.
  87. Things That Go Bump in the Night: Prince Glitch tries to join Skeletor, but is easily frightened and Skeletor fires him. When Glitch's father King Sallas looks for him, Skeletor easily tricks him into thinking King Randor's court kidnapped him.
  88. Three on a Dare: Prince Adam goes on a dangerous mission to retrieve rainbow quartz from Skeletor's home of Snake Mountain. Meanwhile, Teela takes three kids on a field trip, but the kids take a foolish dare and end up trapping all four of them on Snake Mountain.
  89. Just a Little Lie: Hoping to impress Prince Dal, Orko lies that an ordinary crystal can protect whoever holds it. It goes horribly wrong when Dal believes him and over-confidently rides into battle, thinking the crystal makes him invincible.
  90. One for All: Space Pirates invade a village. Prince Adam loses his sword and is unable to become He-Man, so he tries to convince the villagers to work together and fight back.
  91. Jacob and the Widgets: When a grumpy old hermit named Jacob loses his fishing boat, the Widgets insist on showing him hospitality while he just wants to be left alone. Meanwhile, Mer-Man wants to steal the Widgets' Coridite.
  92. The Littlest Giant: Squinch wishes he was as big and strong as He-Man. Skeletor and Evil-Lyn trick him into getting He-Man captured, so Squinch tries to redeem himself.
  93. Trouble's Middle Name: Prankster is a being from Trolla who torments the heroes with magical pranks, and the only way to get rid of him is to trick him into saying his real name, except no one knows what his real name is. Meanwhile, Negator returns and seeks revenge.
  94. Journey to Stone City: Evil-Lyn finds Stone City, home to a race of warriors who froze themselves in stone so they could be reawakened when Eternia next needed them. She awakens King Vokan and tricks him into attacking Castle Grayskull, as his power rivals He-Man himself.
  95. A Bird in the Hand: Orko and Stanlan discover a map leading to the Ancients' Book of Spells, but Stanlan's fondness for one of Beast Man's creatures allows the heroes to be followed by Skeletor.
  96. Battlecat: Man-At-Arms tells Orko the story of how Adam found the tiger cub who would become Cringer and Battlecat.
  97. The Time Wheel: Orko accidentally summons King Tamusk, a cruel, warlike king from the past to the present. Tamusk is extremely displeased to learn Randor now sits on his throne and aims to take his kingdom back by force.
  98. Search for the Past: King Randor learns that his long lost father King Miro is still alive but imprisoned by the Enchantress, so he, Man-At-Arms, and He-Man try to rescue him.
  99. Hunt for He-Man: He-Man is poisoned and collapses. A boy and his grandfather debate whether to help He-Man, or offer him to Skeletor in exchange for money.
  100. The Greatest Show on Eternia: When a traveling circus refuses to perform at Snake Mountain, Skeletor becomes very angry and attempts to take over the circus for himself.
  101. Not so Blind: He-Man and Ram Man befriend a blind boy named Loos and take him on adventure, but when the heroes are themselves blinded, Loos must guide them.
  102. Revenge is Never Sweet: Kothos returns and seeks revenge on both the heroes and Evil-Lyn.
  103. The Good Shall Survive: The Tycon race awakens and steals all the Bee People's honey, then Skeletor leads them into causing a famine in Eternia.
  104. The Secret of Grayskull: Skeletor kidnaps Orko and uses him as a hostage to force the Sorceress of Grayskull to let him into Castle Grayskull.
  105. No Job Too Small: Evil-Lyn uses a Shrink Ray to capture the heroes, and Prince Adam is forced to save them as himself.
  106. The Bitter Rose: Orko decides to pick a flower from a mountain as a present for Dree Elle, but this causes the mountain to start falling apart.
  107. The Gambler: A clever gambler named Melbrag tricks the Widgets into giving him Coridite, then manages to capture He-Man and intends to sell him to Skeletor.
  108. Teela's Triumph: When the Sorceress of Grayskull goes missing, Teela must take her place just as Skeletor attempts to invade Castle Grayskull.
  109. Orko's New Friend: When Orko is kidnapped by an intergalactic criminal called the Slavemaster, his friend Squonge tries to get the heroes to help, but they don't believe him at first because he is always making up stories.
  110. The Problem with Power: Skeletor tricks He-Man into thinking his carelessness got an innocent man killed, causing He-Man to give up his powers in shame.
  111. Double Trouble: Skeletor finds a magic mirror that creates duplicates of people with the opposite moral alignment.
  112. The Eternia Flower: Count Marzo causes several children to become addicted to the scent of a special flower so that they would obey him and serve as his army.
  113. Happy Birthday Roboto: The heroes meet and befriend a robot explorer named Roboto, but the villain Modulok captures and reprograms him to serve him.
  114. Battle of the Dragons: The evil dragon Morning Star puts out Granamyr's magical flame, weakening him, then tries to start a war between humans and dragons.
  115. Time Doesn't Fly: Teela, Adam, Orko, and Cringer notice that time seems to have stopped. The evil wizard Hexon has stopped it so that he may become the Emperor of Simbar. Princess Kathay, the emperor's daughter, arrives to ask for help to rescue her father and the Keeper of Time from their imprisonment at Hourglass Mountain.
  116. Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere: Skeletor steals a device that makes tiny duplicates of people and uses it to create an army of tiny Skeletors to conquer Eternia.
  117. Beauty and the Beast: Skeletor kidnaps Teela and Orko and holds them in the kingdom of Moragore, where its disfigured ruler is ashamed of his ugliness and believes he has no choice but to be evil. Teela tries to convince him his looks do not matter and he can still be good.
  118. Orko's Return: Beast Man and Trap Jaw, acting independently from Skeletor, summon a powerful crystal palace and capture Orko.
  119. Visitors from Earth: Two astronauts from Earth are on a mission to destroy a giant meteor on a collision course with Earth, but their ship enters a vortex and lands on Eternia. Major Andrea Steele is found by the heroes, but Colonel Mark Blaze is captured by Skeletor, who intends to use the bomb they were going to use on the meteor on Castle Grayskull.
  120. Monster on the Mountain: A giant called the Tingler is a gentle being, but the townsfolk are terrified and start a manhunt.
  121. The Magic Falls: During a day where King Randor mingles with the townsfolk, Skeletor sneaks his minion Kobra Khan into them, then drains Orko's magic to stop him from interfering. Adam and Orko must find the Magic Falls to restore his powers.
  122. Search for a Son: Count Marzo reveals he is holding Mekaneck's long lost son Philip prisoner and orders Mekaneck to help him conquer Eternia if he wants him back.
  123. Mistaken Identity: Farin tries to impress his girlfriend Karil by pretending to be He-Man's secret identity. Unfortunately, Modulok believes Farin and kidnaps him, intending to get into Skeletor's good graces. The real He-Man must rescue him.
  124. The Toy Maker: The evil Toy Maker sells deadly toys to an unsuspecting Orko.
  125. Bargain with Evil: Lady Arvela makes a deal with Angast, the King of the Realm of Evil, to deliver the Starchild to him in exchange for Arvela's father Landros.
  126. Capture the Comet Keeper: Skeletor kidnaps Zagraz and tries to force him to work for him. Without Zagraz at his post, the comets go berserk and start destroying things.
  127. The Ancient Mirror of Avathar: The heroes explore the ruins of Avathar and find a special mirror that holds its knowledge. A storm, a damaged lighthouse, and the villains hinder their ability to get home.
  128. The Games: An alien race called the Bendari arrives on Eternia and decides to pit Good and Evil's champions against each other in a series of contests. They choose Fisto to be Good's Champion and Skeletor's minion Spikor to be Evil's Champion.
  129. To Save the Creatures: On King Randor's birthday, the animals start disappearing. The villain Maddock, who has power over animals, is responsible and wants to join Skeletor, but Beast Man becomes jealous.
  130. The Cold Zone: The villain Kobra Khan begs the heroes for help because the furnace that heats his people's underground kingdom has gone out, causing the kingdom to begin freezing.

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