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Recap / Hannibal S 02 E 03

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Season 2, Episode 3:


Will, dozing restlessly the night before his first day in court, imagines his own execution in the electric chair, and intriguingly it's a suited version of himself pulling the lever, not Hannibal or Jack or Garrett Jacob Hobbs. He's lost the sense of certainty that he had last week – just as he thought he knew Hannibal's game, the rules have changed, with Hannibal now seemingly trying to exonerate him by staging copycat murders of courthouse staff.


Prior to this point, Will's defence attorney (along with Alana) insisted that his best shot at avoiding the death penalty was an insanity plea, rather than protesting his innocence – "Unconsciousness in a pretty package, that I can sell." But a severed ear sent to the courthouse, followed by the murder and mutilation of a bailiff, introduces the possibility of reasonable doubt. That defence doesn't ultimately stand up in court, much to Hannibal's seeming disappointment, and the failed attempt at changing tacks could have been deadly for Will. But then the judge is murdered, a mistrial is declared, and the slate is wiped clean.



  • Blind Justice: Will's secret admirer cuts out the eyes of a Hanging Judge and poses the body like Lady Justice. For good measure, he scoops out his brain and heart and places them on a set of scales.
  • Not Me This Time: People related to Will's trial turn up murdered and mutilated. Not only does this cast public doubt on Will's involvement in past crimes, Hannibal himself seems obviously confused by them.

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