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The plot for Fat Camp will be written as though it currently takes place in 2017, the year it was released. BEWARE OF SPOILERS! You've been warned!


1989: Hutch Daley is born to Barb Daley and an unnamed father. A few years later, his father left him.2005: Hutch Daley, now 16 years old, 5'5" and weighing in at 240 lb, has been enrolled by his mother into his uncle-in-law's fat camp (Camp Vision). There, he tries rapping to his crush Jill Hendricks, a Caucasian woman, to win her over. Disgusted at Hutch's obesity (and probably also disapproving of his ethnicity), Jill walks away. Hutch is heartbroken, but then one of the other fat campers Abby Krupa offers to hug him instead, but Hutch refuses her because she's too fat. Hutch, devastated over losing Jill, swears to lose the weight, starts working out at the gym and quits junk food altogether which he was eating as a comfort to his father's absence.2013: Hutch graduates from college as a Psychology major. Not yet having a job, his mother Barb allows him to live with her until he can stand up on his own.


Barb tells Hutch it's time to leave her house, and angrily asserts he must do so immediately. When Hutch begs her to let him stay a little longer, she counter-argues she's never been able to have had another man in the house since his father left and she wants another husband. Hutch then begs his friends Dave and Winnie at happy hour for a place to stay in and a job at one of their workplaces. Dave and Winnie both refuse, and they're stuck with a $38 bill Hutch left them for his lunch, with Dave angrily texting Hutch's mother for the money. Barb (presumably) gives Dave the money and sends Hutch off on a job she arranged for him at the very same fat camp he once attended that is still being run by his obese uncle-in-law Mike. Hutch strongly refuses to go but reluctantly does when his mother confiscates his house keys and kicks him out of her house.

Hutch then drives to Camp Vision, complains to his uncle that he doesn't want to work there but his uncle has to remind him he has nowhere else to go. Hutch is introduced to his counselor-in-training Charlie Sodo, who is also a bit overweight himself and a lot more enthusiastic for working than Hutch is. Hutch and Charlie's kids turn out to be Marshall, Jamar, Kyle and Andy. Ironically, Jamar isn't fat at all but participates regardless to gain muscle, while the rest of the boys were forced by their doctors or parents to come to camp.


During the dinner for the counselors, Hutch meets and falls in love with Abby Krupa. Mike then announces that the counselor whose campers can lose the most proportional body fat will win $5,000. Hutch becomes determined to win, and the next day he forces his boys to work out intensively but because of their severe obesity they are unable to. After one week passes, there's a weigh-in and it turns out that Hutch's kids gained weight. Hutch aggressively investigates their stash, but being unsuccessful, he forces them to crack before he starts delivering threats of violence and so Andy admits that he was smuggling junk food this whole time. Hutch plans on quitting his job, but then Abby convinces him to stay so that his campers can actually lose the weight and trust him.

Hutch then comes back and lectures the campers about having to eat healthy and lose the weight to get rid of their social problems because people are always judging and discriminating them for being obese. Abby then reveals to Hutch that she was fat herself and that Hutch rejected her back the same time when he rapped to Jill. Afterwards, Hutch runs into a confrontation with a bully named Douglas who rips on fat people. While at a bar where Charlie is trying to win over Candace, Hutch and Douglas have a physical brawl and they have a bet on whose campers can get the most girls. Hutch is able to convince his campers they can lose the weight and get the most girls by showing them a picture of back when he was obese. However, soon word comes out that Douglas will pants the boys in front of everyone at the big dance at the end of summer and so Hutch pressures his boys to strip-dance in only speedos so that Douglas can't shame them anymore. The boys outright refuse out of dignity. Hutch starts overdrinking alcohol by the pool where Candace is swimming out of despair that now Douglas will win the bet.


Charlie comes to comfort Hutch, who then gets Charlie drunk so that he can earn the courage to ask Candace out. However, when Charlie passes out Candace cuddles naked with Hutch instead and they pass out. The following morning, Charlie finds Hutch sleeping with Candace naked together and he storms off. Charlie then throws up on Mike, getting him fired and then punches then scolds Hutch for taking away Candace to which Hutch tries denying but Charlie explains he's walking out cause he was fired and ordered to leave. Hutch begs Mike not to fire Charlie, then confesses to having gotten Charlie drunk. Mike refuses to re-hire Charlie and instead also fires Hutch as well. Hutch, who now has become attached to his job and actually has come to love the camp, reluctantly leaves to avoid getting arrested for trespassing while his boys who witness try to scream for him to come back.


Hutch goes back to his mother, who is busy in the middle of having sex with another man and turns him away. Hutch then is allowed by Dave to stay at his and his wife Maggie's house but there Charlie finds him. Charlie tells Hutch that he realizes that it's Candace who deliberately slept with Hutch, not the other way around and forgives Hutch for having confessed to Mike. Charlie urges Hutch to go see their boys at the dance party. Hutch tries doing so in disguise but gets caught by Mike. Before Mike could call the police on his own nephew, Charlie breaks Mike's phone. As prophesied, Douglas and his crew pants Hutch's boys at the dance.

Then, Charlie along with Jamar, Kyle, Andy and Marshall all strip their clothes leaving only golden speedos and start dancing promiscuously in front of the dance party attendees as everyone happily watches and Douglas storms off out of anger that his plan failed to humiliate them. Hutch and Charlie are re-instated by Mike, Hutch wins over Abby and Mike reveals that Hutch's campers lost the most proportional body fat and therefore won the contest for $5,000 but because Hutch was fired at the time, he is disqualified from earning the money and instead Abby is rewarded the money. She proposes to use the money for expanding their camp.


Hutch, Abby and Mike all propose an expansion of their camping program to Cal Camps Headquarters with Hutch leading the presentation. He explicitly explains that dancing practices has helped his campers lose more weight than the other campers. Cal Camps accepts their proposition and hires Hutch and Abby for better paying jobs as the two now share a house together and decide to advance their relationship.

Mike is still in charge of the fat camp which has finally grown in attendance after a recession, Charlie left the camp to become a male stripper, Kyle and Andy work together to champion LGBT rights, Jamar enrolled in and then got kicked out of ROTC for sending pictures of his penis to the Colonel's daughter and Marshall is dating his own brother's girlfriend.


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