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  • Multinational Team: The film highlights peoples of various ethnicities often neglected and rejected from leading/main roles in Hollywood. Although Juliocaesar Chavez, the actor who played Marshall, did appear in the mega-budget Transformers: The Last Knight, he was just an unnamed extra and scarcely had any screen time.
    • Hutch and Jamar are African-American.
    • Charlie and Abby are portrayed by Cuban actors.
    • Kyle and Andy are Caucasian while Big Mike is white Hispanic.
    • Marshall is Hispanic/Latino.
    • Hutch's Asian-American friend Dave is (recently) married to a Latina woman, Maggie.
  • No Budget: As this is an independent film not distributed by a major Hollywood studio, there's more talking about exercise than actual exercise on-screen. Although Fluency Studios, the production company that made this film, is owned by Universal Pictures, Universal only put this movie on digital platform through Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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