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Recap / Emerald City S 1 E 6 Beautiful Wickedness

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The Wizard: You were born in Oz... Oz brought you back. Have you even asked yourself why? Destiny. Your destiny. Just like mine a long time ago. You were brought back to Oz to save us all.
Dorothy: I'm no savior.
The Wizard: Then what are you? Are you just a girl from Kansas? Just a girl who misses her mother? Or are you more? More than just the things that you've lost.

Dorothy's confrontation with the Wizard leads to revelations about their shared past.


Lucas goes to great lengths to recover his memory, even if it means allying with West.

The Wizard enacts his plan with Langwidere to prepare for the battle to come. His ruthless side is finally brought to the forefront.


  • The Mole: Eamonn is working with Glinda against the Wizard. Technically all of the Glindagirls count, but they're so blatant that they got overlooked. The Wizard always knew they were working for Glinda—he just didn't know that Glinda was his enemy.
  • Mythology Gag: The title refers to one of the Witch of the Wests lines during her famous melting scene in the 1939 movie.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Promotions for this episode implied that Lucas would be horribly tortured by Eamonn or West. Eamonn considers it for about two seconds and decides against it. West warns that her magic will be "painful" but abandons the use of that spell when she sees she's fighting Glinda's magic.
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  • Taken for Granite: Lady Ev's father gets too close to Toto (thinking he's his own lost dog) and is petrified by Sylvie.
  • Tranquil Fury: The Wizard does not take the news that Glinda, and by extension his High Council, is working against him very well. But he keeps it contained until he needs to demonstrate a gun for Lady Ev, at which point he shoots Anna in the heart without a blink.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Anna was sent to learn all of the Wizard's secrets for Glinda, but she just wanted to learn. Unfortunately, the Wizard thought she was as guilty as the rest, so he killed her.


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