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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 2 E 3 A Stitch In Time

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At the museum exhibit on Ma'el's artifacts from Strandhill, Liam accidentally activates a portal that takes him two days into the future. He arrives to the Resistance base to find everyone dead. He initially suspects that Lily is responsible. He returns to the present and tells Augur about it. Then he has a dream that he himself killed everyone and starts to suspect that his alien nature is taking over, turning him into a monster. He talk to Da'an about it, and Da'an suggests that he look within himself for ways to control the violence. Zo'or and Sandoval wish to eliminate Liam and project a beam that is designed to turn him psychotic at the city. Meanwhile, Doors is getting more fearful of Liam and Da'an, ordering increase security measures and suspecting betrayal from them. Augur tells Lily about Liam. Liam is about to commit suicide with the shaqarava, when Augur comes to stop him. Liam accidentally discharges the shaqarava into him, which stops Augur's heart. He restarts it with the shaqarava. Augur tells him that he falsified Liam's records using Doors's brainwave patterns, so Zo'or's beam has been affecting Doors all along. Augur and Liam break into the Resistance base, and Liam manages to convince the Resistance members to sedate Doors, averting the disaster.


  • Driven to Madness: Jonathan Doors, courtesy of emissions beamed from the Taelon mothership. The goal is to drive Liam crazy, but Augur faked Liam's records and used Doors's brain patterns instead, so the beam ends up affecting him instead.
  • Our Time Machine Is Different: Apparently, Ma'el built a time portal, even though time travel is illegal under Taelon law for fear of unintended consequences.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: When asked if it's possible to alter the future, Da'an tells Liam a Taelon fable very similar to the one about a man encountering Death in one city, running away, and then meeting Death at home, where they had an appointment. Liam concludes that the future is set, but Da'an counters that altering the future is possible, but it takes looking beyond the obvious.


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