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Recap / Earth Final Conflict S 2 E 4 Dimensions

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While flying in a Taelon shuttle through ID space, an accident sends Liam and Augur to a parallel universe, where the Taelons are in the process of conquering a very different Earth than the one they know. The Taelons' human enforcers are led by the tyrannical Kayla, who is Lili's Doppelgänger. They make contact with the local La Résistance, led by the kind Jason (Sandoval's double) and his girlfriend Maiya, who is actually Kayla's sister. With the help of the resistance, Liam makes his way aboard the Mothership and talk to Da'an, learning that Ma'el never came to Earth in this reality, which likely serves as this world's Point of Divergence. With Da'an's help, Liam and Augur are able to recreate the accident and return to their own reality, bringing Maiya with them, while Jason is killed by Kayla.


  • Doppelgänger: Liam and Augur encounter this world's versions of Lili and Sandoval, although they're called Kayla and Jason, respectively. They appear to be complete opposites of their prime world's versions: Kayla is ruthless and is happy to serve the Taelons, while Jason is the kind and friendly leader of La Résistance. This world's version of Da'an is much more militant than his prime world's version, but even here he is much gentler than the other Taelons, especially Zo'or, who appears to be a bastard in every universe.
  • La Résistance: A small group of humans resists the Taelon conquest, but the Taelons' human enforcers outnumber and outgun them.
  • Point of Divergence: In the parallel world, Ma'el never came to Earth to study humanity. As such, the Taelons were never warned to stay away from the planet and came in force instead of approaching humanity cautiously. In addition, without Ma'el, humanity never built cities and lives in harmony with nature, although this somehow didn't prevent them from developing weapons well in advance of what the prime world's Earth possesses.


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