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Recap / Dragon Rage L 12 The Hoard

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Mandek tried moving his gold to safety, but the transport crashed here. Hurry and you can get the gold before they do. Carry the gold to my friends on shore, we'll hide it for you. Show a little greed and keep them from rescuing a single piece.

Possibly one of if not the most difficult level in the the entire game. This is due to the fact that in this level Cael is to take and transport the gold from Mandek's treasury on a small Island to a drop off point on the mainland, without letting the orcs get any. This level is also unique in the fact that it's the only one without a ancient shrine or cows, meaning that you cannot gain a new Fury Attack.


This game provides examples of:

Ah, greed is good. Now you can call yourself a real dragon.


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