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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 41 The Return To The Real World

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The Ark waits for the kids to board, and a sudden wind begins to blow it off kilter. Jian and Guardromon load Shaochung and Juri in, and as everyone boards, the Ark begins the takeoff process. Takato, however, refuses to board until Ruki and Renamon arrive. In the meantime, Ruki uses an Option Card in the hopes of giving Kyuubimon the power to return her and Impmon to the Ark in time.

As the Ark begins to go off without Takato, Takato chases after it, and Ryou takes off with Cyberdramon to find Ruki. As Takato trips and falls, Guilmon begs the Ark to stop and wait for him, but Kenta reminds him that it’s a ship and can’t hear him.


At Hypnos, the Bridge Bunnies guide the Ark back to the real world, while the Wild Bunch has their contacts all over the world continue to assist them.

The Digimon form a chain outside of the Ark to help Takato in, but Culumon is unable to hold onto Takato and falls with him. Guilmon makes a final plea to the Ark to stop, causing it to suddenly do so. Ryou and Ruki arrive with Cyberdramon, Kyuubimon, and Impmon, and at Hypnos the Wild Bunch realizes that the Ark, having suddenly become self-aware, was able to make a decision by itself. Dolphin reveals that he used the Digimon core program to make the Ark, having believed that it would be the only thing that could handle the Digital World, but doesn’t know why it somehow also managed to pick up the ability to have intellect like a Digimon.

Ruki manages to help Takato onto the Ark, and as she enters with Kyuubimon, Ryou, Cyberdramon, and Impmon, Cyberdramon suddenly reverts to his lower form of Monodramon. Hirokazu is startled to see that Ruki’s brought Impmon, but decides to just go along with it. Kenta finds that MarineAngemon has stowed away in his pocket, and when an Ark Digivice appears, Kenta realizes that not only is he a Tamer now, he’s partnered with an Ultimate-level Digimon.


The Ark continues on its journey back to the real world, and Impmon is still stunned at them allowing him to go back with them. As Hypnos sets a Realize point for them, Guilmon decides to have a friendly chat with the Ark, believing that it was able to hear his pleas for it to stop. Takato decides to follow up on it and give his thanks to the Ark. Juri seems to be listless as ever, while Ryou and Ruki playfully banter about Ryou finally being able to return home for the first time in about a year.

Suddenly, the Ark runs out of power and stops, and Takato urges the Ark to push forward and do it. The Ark connects two wires to his communicator, spelling out an “OK”. The Ark begins to burn itself up from the back to push itself through into the real world, and as it emerges in a park, the kids find themselves greeted by all of their families waiting for them.


The children reunite with their parents, while Impmon sadly leaves the scene. Takato overhears Reika and Yamaki talking about how Juri’s parents refuse to come to pick her up, having sent a message saying that she can find her own way home since she ran off by herself. Takato decides that he’ll accompany her all the way to where her parents are in Nagano. His mother gives her his blessing to do so, on the condition that he goes to his aunt's house in Zushi after he’s done. As Yamaki tries to figure out how they’ll get there with the transportation out of service, the Ark suddenly disappears back into the Digital World.

As the Tamers evacuate Tokyo, Takato takes Juri onto the train, buying some boxes of food for her. He runs into trouble when an officer on the train recognizes Guilmon as a Digimon and believes him to be dangerous, but eventually decides Guilmon to be harmless enough.

Juri remains unresponsive to everything, and Takato becomes depressed watching her. He confesses to her that he’s happy being together with her, and is barely short of telling her that he likes her before he stops himself, seeing Juri still saying nothing.

Takato: I was happy when you became a Tamer and we could go on an adventure to the Digital World together. But then Leomon died and made you really sad, and then I had to take you back to the real world safely...that's why I...the feeling I get when it seems you won't say anything at all, like you're completely devoid of emotions...that feeling, it hurts.

As he breaks down crying, the only thing Juri does is read the nutrition facts on the food box in monotone.

Takato and Juri arrive at the station, where Juri’s father is there to pick her up. He coldly takes Juri back with him, only thanking Takato for taking care of her. Culumon accompanies Juri to where her parents are staying, and Juri’s stepmother warmly welcomes her, but Juri’s response is only to make a small Slasher Smile.

Back at the station, Takato sees the news playing on TV and finds, to his horror, that red bubbles are starting to overtake Tokyo...



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