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Recap / Digimon Frontier E 44 Fight Together Gotsumon And Koujis Vow

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Dynasmon scans a mountain, and LordKnightmon tells him that there are only four areas left. A familiar Gotsumon attempts to protect his village’s guardian deity from a bunch of approaching Knightmon, but finds himself defenseless until Blitzmon arrives with the others in tow. Gotsumon recognizes Kouji, who spirit evolves with the other kids in order to protect the guardian deity. Unfortunately, they’re unable to stop the Royal Knights, who scan the area, indifferently taking out their own Knightmon allies in the process. Dynasmon reveals that the Forest, Ice, and Light areas are the only ones left to scan before Lucemon arrives, and the Royal Knights leave for the Forest Area.


Gotsumon, seeing his village destroys, faints. When he comes to, he thanks the group for saving him and asks to accompany them to Forest Land, wanting to fight alongside them. Despite the others’ protests, Kouji decides to let him tag along, knowing that he won’t be able to convince Gotsumon to change his mind. The group heads for Forest Land, figuring that the data must be inside Seraphimon’s castle.

The Royal Knights and the Knightmon reach Seraphimon’s castle but are unable to break in. LordKnightmon comes up with a plan and flies up with Dynasmon, leaving the Knightmon behind. As the kids listen in, Kouji realizes that the priority is to protect the land, and tells the others to go search for the Royal Knights while he takes care of the Knightmon. Kouji hyper spirit evolves to MagnaGarurumon, and he and Gotsumon attack the Knightmon while the others sneak off.


From above, LordKnightmon determines that the top of the castle is the weakest point and decides to attack it alongside Dynasmon. Takuya is about to evolve to KaiserGreymon, but his Digivice ends up opening a hole in the barrier around the castle instead, and the kids decide to enter the castle to protect the data from within.

MagnaGarurumon and Gotsumon plow through some Knightmon, but there are so many that they can’t make a dent in the number. LordKnightmon arrives and MagnaGarurumon tells him to get away and hide, and Gotsumon wonders if he’s being a burden. The kids make it to a hidden room in the castle, with the data in the form of statues of the Three Great Angels. Dynasmon manages to blow open the top of the castle, but the kids are saved by Sorcerymon’s spirit, who was the one who called them through their Digivices to the room with the data.


In order to stop Dynasmon, Takuya hyper spirit evolves to KaiserGreymon, while MagnaGarurumon continues to hold off LordKnightmon. Gotsumon, wanting very badly to be able to help Kouji, suddenly evolves to Insekimon, and manages to get rid of a ton of Knightmon alongside MagnaGarurumon.

Unfortunately, during the battle between Dynasmon and KaiserGreymon, Dynasmon manages to successfully hit the data statues and scan them. They gravely wound Insekimon, causing him to revert to Gotsumon, and the kids are forced to stay behind and tend to him instead of chase the Royal Knights as they run.

Gotsumon and the others part, with Gotsumon saying that he doesn’t want to be a burden to the others anymore. He tells Kouji that he’s counting on him, and Kouji nods and departs with the rest of the kids on a Trailmon, hoping to stop the Royal Knights from scanning two more areas.


  • Attack Its Weak Point: The Royal Knights destroy the barrier by hitting the point where all the edges intersect.
  • Bad Boss: The Royal Knights just let the Knightmon get absorbed with the rest of the area's data.
  • Eye Catch: Kouji and Kouichi’s variants are used for this episode.
  • Palette Swap: Insekimon is one of Gotsumon.
  • Pulling Themselves Together: The Knightmon are capable of doing this.

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