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Recap / Digimon Frontier E 2 Wolfmon Of Light Battle In The Underground Maze

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Takuya is still disoriented about the fact that he’d just evolved into a Digimon, and as he tries to poke the Digivce hoping to figure out what “evolution” means, the DigiCode that Cerberumon had eaten returns to the land and restores it.

The bandanna-wearing boy, on a Trailmon of his own, begins to approach his stop.

The Digimon inhabiting Fire Terminal celebrate, and the two Digimon who had watched the spectacle introduce themselves as Bokomon and Neemon. Bokomon explains that a Digimon named Cherubimon caused a bunch of Digimon to go crazy with his powers and eat up the DigiCode that makes up the Digital World’s land, causing it to become full of holes. The only way to restore the land, according to Bokomon, is to re-obtain the DigiCode that was taken.


As the other kids wonder if their Digivices can do what Takuya’s just did, Junpei pulls Tomoki aside and asks if he’s sick of this world. Tomoki says that while he’d like to go home, watching Takuya turn into a Digimon was cool, since he’d become a kind of “hero” that Tomoki had always wanted to be. Junpei, however, would rather pass up on all of it and tries to discourage Tomoki as they return to the Fire Terminal station.

The bandanna-wearing boy arrives at Fire Terminal and hears the voice from his own Digivice, telling him to search for the Spirits and collect them. The voice then goes on to address him by name, Kouji Minamotonote , and says that “all of the mysteries that surround you will be solved one day”. Kouji asks the voice how it knows his name, why it called him to this world, and what it wants from him, and the Digivice responds only by giving him a map.


Junpei bribes one of the local Pagumon with chocolate in exchange for information on how to get home, and the Pagumon tells them to go to the station and find a Trailmon called Angler. As Junpei and Tomoki thank him and depart, Kouji watches as they run past, but decides it’s none of his business and walks off. Junpei and Tomoki arrive at the station and try to bribe Angler with chocolate to take them back, but Angler only eats the chocolate bar and speeds away on a sugar rush.

The Pagumon that Junpei had tried to bribe originally comes back with more of his friends, demanding more chocolate, and when Junpei refuses, the crowd of Pagumon decides to jump them for it. As Junpei and Tomoki make a run for it, Takuya, Izumi, Bokomon, and Neemon wonder where they are, they ask a nearby group of Poyomon where they are, and the Poyomon direct them towards the station, saying that a bunch of Pagumon were after them. Bokomon describes Pagumon as “Digimon bullies”.


The map leads Kouji to some stairs in a wall leading downwards, and he takes the stairs down, wondering what a Spirit is and whether it’ll be down there.

Tomoki and Junpei continue to be chased by the Pagumon, and are eventually sent down a hole, with Tomoki’s Digivce being left behind. Tomoki and Junpei land in an underground area, and try to run away. Takuya and Izumi continue their search for Tomoki and Junpei and eventually find Tomoki’s Digivice, shortly after falling into the same pit with Bokomon and Neemon following them.

Junpei and Tomoki find themselves lost in the underground maze, and when Tomoki starts crying, Junpei gives him some chocolate to cheer him up. Unfortunately, this attracts the Pagumon, and as they make a run for it, one of the Pagumon comes to the conclusion that since Junpei and Tomoki smell of chocolate, they must be tasty, and the crowd of Pagumon chases the two kids in the hopes of eating them.

As Kouji wanders the underground maze, he sees Junpei and Tomoki running away on the floor beneath him, and Junpei and Tomoki’s yells for help allow Takuya and Izumi to hear where they are. As Takuya and Izumi continue to look for them, Kouji jumps onto the lower floor, breaks off a nearby pole to use as a stick, and fends off the Pagumon. Angered, one of the Pagumon evolvesnote  into a Raremon and threatens to eat them, and Kouji pulls Tomoki away as they make a run for it. Takuya and Izumi arrive on the scene and, after poking his Digivice a bit, Takuya manages to get it to allow him to spirit evolve to Agnimon and save Kouji and Tomoki from getting hit by an attack – but unfortunately, lights shining from the maze suddenly appear right after and cause him to revert to Takuya.

Raremon continues to attack, causing Kouji to fall down a hole. However, as Kouji falls down, he’s approached by a Spirit, which causes his Digivice to react. Kouji calls the Spirit into his Digivice and uses it to spirit evolve into Wolfmonnote . Wolfmon flies back to the battle scene and takes on Raremon, while Bokomon uses the book he’s carrying to identify him as the Legendary Warrior Wolfmon of Light.

Wolfmon defeats Raremon, scans him into an egg, and reverts to Kouji. Kouji introduces himself to Takuya and says that he’ll pay Takuya back for saving him, demanding Takuya’s name so that he can return the life debt sometime. With that, Kouji departs, and as the kids find their way out of the maze, Kouji rests by a tree and decides that the situation’s now become interesting.


  • Accidental Pervert: Izumi and Takuya fall into the pit and end up landing in a position that involves them clutching each other. While it’s not necessarily perverted, the spirit is the same when Izumi blows up at him and slaps him around.
  • Conspicuous CG: The Spirit of Light has this. (While it’s possible that the prior episode’s Spirit of Fire was also done in CGI, the ripple effect on the flames made it hard to see it clearly.)
  • Eye Catch: Like for the other evolution introduction episodes, Kouji’s version of the eyecatch is shown twice.
  • Foreshadowing: You know that message that Kouji gets about all the mysteries surrounding him? You don’t get even a single hint about what said mysteries for no less than nineteen episodes!
  • Hates Being Touched: Used as a way to illustrate Kouji’s Jerkass tendencies when he first introduces himself to Takuya.
    Kouji: Don’t touch me. I hate it when strangers touch me.
  • Hey, You!: Izumi yells at Takuya for using this on her, telling her that Izumi has a "cute name" that he should use instead.

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