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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 25 Dont Let Me Get Me

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Everyday I fight a war against the mirror
I can't take the person staring back at me
I'm a hazard to myself

A Plot

Spring semester has started. Degrassi has gone through an overhaul with new rules — a dress code, no dances, metal detectors, the works. Clare and Alli are on the school steps, getting ready to enter the metal detectors. Drew approaches Alli and asks if he can be her boyfriend again. Alli rebukes the offer and Drew pleads it wasn't his fault and that Bianca was sexting him and threw herself at him. But for Alli, it's one strike, he's out. She's looking forward to her fresh start.

As Sav and Holly J read off the new rules, Clare is mad at the strictness, but Alli is cool with it — she no longer has to hide anything from her parents. She wants to rebrand herself, and decides to join the science team. Which is cool because Adam, Connor, and Wesley need a fourth team member to beat Bardell High. She impresses the team and Mr. Betenkamp lets her on the team. She's even made captain of the squad! Adam talks to her about the boiler room and Drew — about how much he misses Alli and even cried over her. Alli tells Adam it's what he deserves but she still misses him. Clare tries to talk Alli out of getting back with Drew after what he did but Alli thinks he deserves other chance. She texts Drew to meet her, but then she's called to the principal's office.


In Snake's office, Snake tells her she's been selected to be in a self-esteem seminar. Her name was passed around about Vegas Night and the sexual favors. Alli tells him she did nothing at Vegas Night and she doesn't belong in that group. After the meeting, she hooks up with Drew and takes him back and tells him about the seminar. Drew hasn't heard of it, and Bianca comes by and tells them both the event is girls only. Alli is still very pissed at Bianca. Clare tries to remind her that the seminar is girls only and she should be mad at that and Drew. The Vegas Night rumors spread across the school and to the science team, and Alli is desperate to clear her name and prove she isn't a slut. She goes to the seminar in a huff.

At the seminar, the presenter tells them about the pressures girls face in order to build self-esteem. Bianca, who's also there and Alli get into it. Alli calls Bianca a boyfriend-stealer, and Bianca tells her she took back a cheater. Alli calls Bianca a slut for what she did, and she doesn't belong in the "skank seminar." Bianca threatens to slap her in the mouth and Alli tells her that she'll slap Bianca back but "she doesn't want to risk her income." The presenter breaks them up, and recommends the class take a break. On the way out, Alli stays behind and goes through Bianca's bag and finds her phone and her naked pics. She forwards the pics to everyone.


B Plot

Jenna is rocking out at The Next Teen Star rehersal. She's made the final group, and trying desperately to hide her pregnancy. She talks to another contestant and she realizes how out of place she is at the show — all the contestants have agents and tons of followers. Jenna absorbs all this and realizing The Next Teen Star isn't about singing. The show is set to do some filming for Jenna's vignettes at Degrassi. At the school, the show interviews her and the producer pulls her aside and tells her that she needs an edge or a hook in order for the viewers to vote for her and to get a good story. Not even Chantay's interview interests the producer. On the show that night after the performances, the hosts announces the bottom two contestants — Jenna and another hopeful. Luckily Jenna escapes being voted off.

The next day at school, KC is talking to Jenna and how he saw the show with his mom. Jenna is trying to keep the pregnancy a secret, but KC hasn't even told his mom yet. Jenna reminds him the time for the baby is near. Chantay speaks with Jenna and how she comes off as bland compared to every other contestant. Chantay recommends that Jenna needs a hook, or some juicy gossip to stay in the competition. Jenna realizes now what she must do. She phones the TV producer later on.

At Little Miss Steaks, KC and his mother are preparing for dinner. His mom asks him while she broke up with Jenna, and KC just tells them they've had a difference of opinion on a matter. Just then, The Next Teen Star is on TV at the restaurant and Jenna is performing. After she's done, she reveals her secret to the country during his post-performance interview — she's pregnant. KC's mom turns to him and is furious KC didn't tell her, and KC tells her that he doesn't want the baby.


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