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Recap / Death Note Ep 27 Abduction

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The message of L’s death sent to Wammy’s House is received by two boys called Mello and Near. Mello asks the senior official which of them L chose to succeed him. L had not chosen yet, however, and Mello refuses to work together with Near, whom he sees as a competitor, and decides to leave Wammy’s House for good. Over the next five years, Near assembles an American investigative team called the Special Provision for Kira, or SPK.


Back in Japan, post-time skip, Light’s family and the Task Force are having tea at the Yagami household when they receive an alert that the head of the NPA has been kidnapped. The kidnappers are demanding the Death note as ransom. Light is unnerved that the kidnappers know about the Death Note.

Mello is shown to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping, having joined the mafia in the USA. The information the director gives under interrogation allows Mello to figure out that there are two Death Notes, both connected to the Japanese police. Trying to prevent the loss of a Death Note to an enemy, Light kills the NPA director, but Mello then has Sayu, Light’s sister, kidnapped instead.

Knowing that Sayu has been taken to America, Light contacts the American government as L. The SPK are ones who receive the call. Near introduces himself and lets Light know that they are aware that the true L is dead. Light has a feeling of foreboding.


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