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Recap / Card Captor Sakura Sakura And The Snowy School Term

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It's April and Sakura has started a new school year. Her morning routine has changed little but Kero's presence has had some effect; he makes mention of this while pointing out just how many Clow cards she's captured. Her father informs her that he won't be around that evening as everyone prepares to set off. On their journey to school both Sakura and Touya notice that Yukito hasn't got his bike with him, on account that something's gone wrong with it. This gives Sakura an opportunity to take a bit more time with him as they continue while Touya goes on ahead.


At school Sakura and her friends wonder who their form tutor will be, whereupon the door opens to reveal it shall be Kaho Mizuki. Shortly after the initial introductions and register Kaho suggests a brief session of play outdoors, almost looking Sakura in the eye as she remarks about the weather. Sakura then notices that it's snowing.

When she gets back Kero's musing about the level of snowfall while helping himself to a bag of crisps. After Sakura has a few herself she prepares to start making dinner, mentioning that on such a snowy day they're going to have stew. As she starts the cooking she hears Touya return when he asks her to fetch a towel; this request puzzles her until she see him covered in snow. He mentions that the snow's beginning to form large drifts that inhibited the use of his bike. Although snow in April is not much of a shock the fact that it's piling up so high suggests something more serious.


Tomoyo joins Sakura and Kero once again as they seek out the Clow card responsible. She's dropped off on top of the King Penguin slide in the park while Sakura attempts to touch down in the snow, which proves to be too deep. Syaoran and Meilin turn up with no issue regarding the snow, on account that Syaoran has enough magic to make their shoes behave more like snowshoes. Sakura catches on and uses the Float card while Meilin joins Tomoyo to observe events as they unfold.

Not a moment too soon. As Sakura, Syaoran and Kero confirm that the cause of these wintry conditions is the Snow card a wild blizzard engulfs them. Sakura readies the Fly card and practically commands Syaoran to get on board. As she leads the Snow card's fury away from Tomoyo the latter laments being unable to film the action through the whiteout. As the chase goes across the town Sakura notices that a late birthday present she received from Yukito has gone missing, triggering a fierce reaction as she summons the Firey card. The swift dispelling of the snow leaves Syaoran stunned as Sakura finally identifies and seals the Snow card proper.


With the snowy chaos neutralised Sakura starts welling up from the loss of her present. As they struggle to deal with her sense of loss Kero promptly flies back to Tomoyo leaving Syaoran to console her. As he suggests they go look for her present Kaho turns up, having found the item in question.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Beware the Nice Ones: When Sakura finds she's lost the watch Yukito gave her nothing's going to stop her from taming the card responsible.
  • Cool Teacher: Kaho not only gives her class an extra break but goes out of her way to return Sakura's watch.

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