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Recap / Card Captor Sakura Sakuras Dizzy Fever Day

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As Sakura sleeps she feels a presence next to her bed. When she wakes up Kero cheerfully reminds her that she'll have to walk to school while pointing out the rainfall outside. Sakura is slow in responding and mentions feeling light-headed, prompting him to feel her forehead and react with alarm that she seems to be running a fever. Sakura refuses to let this change her routine as she feels obliged to her art group to attend school and complete their project.


At breakfast Touya makes another one of his cheeky remarks upon seeing her come in but is concerned when she hardly reacts at all. He finds the same issue Kero did and concludes that she's coming down with a cold but she asks him to keep this fact from their father on the grounds that she doesn't want him to miss out on an archaeological dig. After Fujitaka leaves Sakura momentarily sinks to the floor from her giddiness before preparing to set off. Touya suggests that she stay home but she once again insists that she needs to complete her art project, although she promises to come straight home afterwards.

When Sakura gets to her class she slumps in her seat, attracting the attention of Tomoyo, Meilin and Syaoran and provoking a cause for concern. During maths Sakura struggles to focus on the diagrams presented to the point that she fails to notice Kaho's approach, who looks deep into her eyes and diagnoses the issue she's experiencing before asking Tomoyo to escort Sakura to the school nurse. The temperature taken's not looking good and the nurse tells her to go straight home, but Sakura's still worried about their art project until Meilin comes in and tells her that they can complete it without her if they work extra hard.


Touya arrives at the school gate after Kaho calls for him, although she didn't use a phone. They discuss Sakura's condition and Touya asks about Kaho's return to Tomoeda. At their lockers Tomoyo's so worried about Sakura's well-being that she suggests accompanying her to the gate at least, however Sakura insists she's not feeling too bad until she blanks out for a moment; Touya catches her just in time. On the way home Touya considers the quantity of cloud.

Yukito brings Touya's schoolbag back and remarks on how suddenly Touya reacted when Kaho called for him. Shortly afterwards Touya asks Sakura to take her temperature again while he scrutinises Kero's cuddly toy act. Finding that her temperature hasn't dropped at all he decides to give her some medicine, which requires a full stomach. While he's preparing this she detects a Clow card and Kero confirms that it's the Cloud card; when she begins to set out to deal with it he warns against such action in her condition, although should the clouds produced engulf the town it'll be nigh-impossible to seal it. He tries to affirm his objections to her actions by mentioning Touya's going to be coming back in a few minutes. In response Sakura summons the Mirror card to take her place.


Aiming to get the sealing of the card over with Sakura heads for the 'eye-of-the-storm', but this is not one of the more passive cards. Syaoran's compelled to intervene on her behalf and both he and Meilin have some choice words for her although she insists that this is one duty she can't take a sick-day from.

Back home Touya has given Mirror some food and is somewhat puzzled that he brought some medicine up but is now taking it down, prompting him to mention that if one isn't sick then medicine shouldn't be taken. He'd known it wasn't really Sakura the moment she sat up and he's worried about her actions; he confirms to Mirror that he is aware that his sister's involved in some supernatural matter and he's allowing her to attempt to keep it under-wraps.

Due to Sakura's fever Syaoran has to put all the real effort into subduing the Cloud card; indeed she's so out of it that Meilin needs to support her while she seals it. To everyone's amazement Syaoran gives Sakura this card even though the normal rules of the matter had already established that the one who subdues the card is the one who has first dibs on it. He makes the excuse that destiny says they'll all go to him in the end and that this is purely temporary.

Getting back home Sakura has to be helped to bed by Mirror, who expresses delight with how her mission has gone before reverting to her normal form. Sakura's now in a very bad way and Touya confirms that her temperature's risen, causing him to consider getting a doctor. Just then he notices a new arrival in the room; just like that morning Nadeshiko's entered the scene to aid Sakura's recovery. Shortly after making her departure Fujitaka comes in, mentioning that he had an inkling that something was up but relieved to find that Sakura doesn't seem to be too bad. Touya recounts that Sakura did have a fever and mentions that his mother had turned up.

The next morning Sakura's feeling like her normal self again and is surprised to find her father back home, who makes the excuse that he forgot something. When greeting the photo of her mother Sakura says 'Arigatou' instead of 'Ohayo', recounting to Touya that she did feel her mother's presence the night before.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Call-Back: Touya mentions having met Mirror before.
  • Definitely Just a Cold: Subverted. Sakura really has got just a cold, but it's a bad one that's given her a fever.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Even Meiling and Syaoran think that Sakura should rest up in bed, even though she's the only one who can seal the cards.
  • Knew It All Along: Touya confirms that he knows that Sakura is working with magic but is letting her handle it on her own.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Subverted. Mirror specialises in taking on the appearance of others, it's just that Touya doesn't need a face to recognise someone.
  • Plot-Induced Illness: Sakura gets a fever on the day she needs to complete coursework and seal a Clow card.
  • The Patient Has Left the Building: First subverted when Sakura feels obliged to attend school but is sent home shortly afterwards. Then played straight when she needs to seal the Cloud card.
  • Sick Episode: What else could this be? The only time Sakura's shown to be healthy is in the conclusion.
  • Working Through the Cold: Sakura keeps trying to do this but needs a lot of support.

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