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Recap / Autodale

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This is a list of short films from the Autodale animated web series. Also includes convenient links to watch all of them on YouTube (see the respective release dates for each episode).

  1. Being Pretty (August 31, 2017): Two children watch a PSA about what being Pretty means. The Uglies are dealt with accordingly.
  2. No Monsters (November 11, 2017): A mother reads a bedtime story to her son after a nightmare. An exceptional girl runs away from her monsters.
  3. Children's Toys (July 20, 2018): A girl plays with her Handyman dolls, and has some interesting theories about how Autodale is run.
  4. Don't Feed the Freaks (September 14, 2018): A young man travels across the wasteland to try to find a mystical paradise named Autodale.
  5. Model Citizen (January 10, 2020): A documentation of the lives of the Robinson family, true model citizens.
  6. Friendly Shadow (June 25, 2020): The Friendly Shadow is sent to investigate a murder, and discovers that monsters are living in the sewers under Autodale.
  7. Immortal Machine (January 22, 2021): A look into Hive's first meeting with the enigmatic Mayor, who tells her the history of Autodale.