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The recap page for both the radio and animated series of Adventures in Odyssey.

Note: The recaps for the radio series will go by the album releases rather than individual episodes to make recapping them easier. (Part of the reason for this is because, let's be honest, it would take a lifetime to recap all 800+ and counting individual episodes of the radio series.) The recaps for the video series may have their own entries since there are only 17 of them.


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     Family Portraits 

  1. Family Portraits (The precursor to Adventures in Odyssey)

     Radio Series 

  1. "The Adventure Begins" (previously released under the titles "The Early Classics", "Odyssey USA", and simply "Adventures in Odyssey")
  2. "The Wildest Summer Ever" (previously released under the titles "Grins, Grabbers, and Great Getaways" and "Stormy Weather")
  3. "Heroes" (previously released under the title "Secrets, Surprises, and Sensational Stories")
  4. "FUN-damentals" (previously released under the title "Puns, Parables, and Perilous Predicaments")
  5. "Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes" (Beginning of the Regis Blackgaard saga)
  6. "Mission Accomplished" (previously released under the title "Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions")
  7. "On Thin Ice" (previously released under the title "Courageous Characters, Fabulous Friends")
  8. "Beyond Expectations" (previously released under the title "Cunning Capers, Exciting Escapades")
  9. "Just In Time" (previously released under the title "Amazing Antics, Dynamic Discoveries")
  10. "Other Times, Other Places"
  11. "It's Another Fine Day"
  12. "At Home and Abroad"
  13. "It All Started When..."
  14. "Meanwhile, In Another Part Of Town"
  15. "A Place of Wonder"
  16. "Flights of Imagination"
  17. "On Earth As It Is In Heaven"
  18. "A Time of Discovery"
  19. "Passport to Adventure"
  20. "A Journey of Choices"
  21. "Wish You Were Here!"
  22. "The Changing Times"
  23. "Twists and Turns"
  24. "Risks and Rewards"
  25. "Darkness Before Dawn"
  26. "Back on the Air"
  27. "The Search For Whit"
  28. "Welcome Home!"
  29. "Signed, Sealed, and Committed"
  30. "Through Thick and Thin"
  31. "Days to Remember"
  32. "Hidden Treasures"
  33. "Virtual Realities" (First album of the split-era; features the conclusion of the Regis Blackgaard saga)
  34. "In Your Wildest Dreams" (Last album of the split-era)
  35. "The Big Picture" (Beginning of the Novacom Saga)
  36. "Danger Signals"
  37. "Countermoves"
  38. "Battle Lines" (Conclusion of the Novacom Saga)
  39. "Friends, Family, and Countrymen"
  40. "Out of Control"
  41. "In Hot Pursuit"
  42. "No Way Out"
  43. "Along for the Ride"
  44. "Eugene Returns!"
  45. "Lost and Found"
  46. "A Date With Dad (And Other Calamities)"
  47. "Into The Light"
  48. "Moment of Truth"
  49. "The Sky's the Limit"
  50. "The Best Small Town"
  51. "Take It From the Top" (first album of the relaunch-era)
  52. "Cause & Effect"
  53. "The Green Ring Conspiracy" (twelve-part story arc)
  54. "Clanging Cymbals...and the Meaning of God's Love"
  55. "The Deep End"
  56. "The Grand Design"
  57. "A Call to Something More"
  58. "The Ties That Bind" (fourteen-part story arc)
  59. "Taking the Plunge"
  60. "Head Over Heels"
  61. "Without a Hitch" (Beginning of the Rydell saga)
  62. "Let's Put on a Show!"
  63. "Up in the Air"
  64. "Under the Surface"
  65. "Expect the Unexpected"
  66. "Trial by Fire"
  67. "More than Meets the Eye"
  68. "Out of the Blue"
  69. "Best Kept Secrets" (Conclusion of the Rydell saga)

     Club Exclusive Episodes 

  1. Club Season 1
  2. Club Season 2
  3. Club Season 3
  4. Club Season 4
  5. Club Season 5
  6. Club Season 6
  7. Club Season 7

     Special Albums 

  1. "The Lost Episodes"
  2. "The Officer Harley Collection" note 
  3. "Adventures in Odyssey Live!" (single episode)
  4. "The Truth Chronicles"
  5. "Passages: Darien's Rise"


     Video Series 

  1. "The Knight Travellers"
  2. "A Flight to the Finish"
  3. "A Fine Feathered Frenzy"
  4. "Shadow of a Doubt"
  5. "Star Quest"
  6. "Once Upon An Avalanche"
  7. "Electric Christmas"
  8. "Go West, Young Man"
  9. "Someone to Watch Over Me"
  10. "In Harm's Way"
  11. "A Twist in Time"
  12. "A Stranger Among Us"
  13. "Baby Daze"
  14. "The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner" (first of the relaunch videos)
  15. "Escape From the Forbidden Matrix"
  16. "The Caves of Qumran"
  17. "Race to Freedom"


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