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Headscratchers / Adventures in Odyssey

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  • The Imagination Station. What is its deal? What happens in it is not real, but there have been instances of characters fearing getting hurt or killed. How does that work when it's all in your imagination?
    • Your Mind Makes It Real. There are safeguards in place to make sure no serious injury comes to the participants (for instance, Jimmy is both physically blocked and gets machine interference from being in the theater when Lincoln is shot) but it's implied that serious injury in the machine could have real consequences, and Virus Blackgaard would have killed Aubrey if he had succeeded in his body snatching plan. While a bullet in the machine wouldn't necessarily cause you to have a bullet hole in real life, it may have lasting mental effects.
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    • In episode 491, "The Black Veil (Part 2)," it is implied that programs are transmitted directly into your mind. The Veil Industries piece was meant to use either radio waves or brain waves to influence people's minds (which didn't work). The revelation that this was based on Imagination Station technology means that at the very least, the Imagination Station is a solid framework for suggestive virtual reality.

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