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"In truth, I still can't read this story objectively. Each time I reread it, I start to have light hallucinations. I break into a cold sweat. Each time I approach one of a few specific places in the plot, I start wanting to throw the computer out the window. At other particular points, I start wanting to run away from home to live deep in secrecy in the mountains of India."
Tatsuhiko Takimoto, author of Welcome to the N.H.K.

Ababa, Ababa, Ababa, Dancing human being!

When we were born naked
we were all loved equally
just as it's supposed to be

But, why as life goes on
each destiny takes a different path
it's almost cruel
Some can look into others eyes
Some get to learn love
while others don't.

If that's how it is,
I'd rather be
A Baby, Baby human till I die.
— A more or less faithful translation of the ending theme, Odoru Akachan Ningen.

Ababa-ababa-ababa, the dance of the manchildren, yeah!

When we're born into this world
We are all loved equally
So why is it as we grow old
We're divided up so heartlessly?

Can you look into their eyes?
Or can you not bear their gaze?

And will your love be reprised?
Or ignored for the rest of your days?

Suffering day after day
For a reward that I may never see
Slaving away for low pay
Knowing I'll never be free
If this is always the way
This sick, sad world is going to be
I think that I'd rather stay
Forever a baby

"Oh, look at that cute little baby!
Oh, I just want to love you!"

"She doesn't know about me,
It's all working out perfectly!"

He's not tender and mild
He's a vile manchild
So what're you gonna do?

Behind all that babytalk
There is a hardened cock
Waiting to tear into you

Do nothing
Be nothing
Come be a manchild
It's perfect for you
Soon we'll be running wild
They'll all be manchildren, too
In Russia
And Canada
And India
— A (slightly) more singable one.


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