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"In Metro: Last Light, most Nazi soldiers seem poorly equipped. They now make more use of Bastards, Ashots and other low tier weapons, and they wear less body armor and equipment. This can be excused because the Nazis appearing in the game are all guarding stations or prisons - they can be considered a form of home guard, with weaker weapons. The Nazi Stalkers who capture Artyom, the soldiers on the Frontline in Heavy Squad and the stalkers in Sniper Team, wear similar gear to those seen in Metro 2033, so it can be assumed that all the heavy and advanced gear is given to the front line troops and special forces, not lowly guards at home. These units could possibly be new recruits or militia guards, this theory is made all the more plausible by the fact that Reich soldiers can be overheard in the Sniper Team DLC mission commenting on Artyom's prison escape and how the soldiers guarding the concentration camp were all new recruits with not a single veteran amongst them. The "Frontline" Reich soldiers are seen with completely different armor and helmets from the previous game that seems to have high quality custom-built gear rather than salvaged or refurbished gear like other factions. They also carry high-end weapons that are heavily customized and many of them are assigned to patrolling surface areas for extended periods of time and appear to be equipped with large oxygen tanks. Fourth Reich snipers are issued with Preved, seen in the level Sniper Team.

However, the true explanation for this change in equipment between Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light is that the developers did not want the player to have access to advanced equipment so early in the game when the more advanced weapons, like the Kalash and the Shambler, have not yet been available."
Article from the Metro game series' Wikia giving both Watsonian and Doylist explanations for why the Nazis seen early on in the sequel are so poorly equipped relative to those from the previous game.

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