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Quotes / Warrens of Oric the Awesome

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Weaponized Knowledge: It starts off normal but then it's a slow descent into madness, stretching the seams of logic so that they split at the ends. It just keeps going. It has no resemblance to the beginning anymore and I'm pretty sure if it came from anyone else they would have to be under the influence of narcotics.

Scapheap: (Freeform) took the dying anguish of every dwarf you ever caused and unleashed it in a unassuming forum game.

FuzzyZergling:Guys, don't argue here. The GM is perfectly capable of weeding out the terrible actions by himself.
10ebbor10: Absolutely not. Like any good GM does, he picks them up and runs away with them.

BrawlerMouse: Blorble is life. Blorble is no mere onomatopoeia; it symbolizes the slime way of life. Blorble is what you feel when you are acceptably content with your work, when you've done nothing to be proud of. The norm, that's what followers of the blorble strive for. This way of thinking is not some excuse to be sub-par; indeed, some may not quite accomplish their goals. That's alright though, as failure is normal. It happens. The blorble way is to let it happen rather than scampering about in a fuss trying to be perfect at all times. Doing such dooms you to crushing disappointment. With blorble, Slog has risen above this. He knows that what he's doing is the right thing to do, because if it wasn't why would it be happening? Slimes cannot even comprehend the concept of "consequences". Why would something bad happening be directly a result of something else that had been done? It's not as if you know what would have happened if they'd tried doing otherwise! With the philosophy of blorble slog has achieved a level of contentment and happiness we cannot dream of.

Dermonster: Slog is a barrel of endless dopamine.

Dermonster: Dammit man are you trying to decrease the chance of yuri shennannigans!?