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  • Ciro using her "Rap Attack" at Betweenford and the mysterious blue-haired lady definitely qualifies. (Arguably, so does freeform stating that Ciro's Soul Charge was insufficient to launch a Rap Battle at one point.)
  • Slog, especially the fanbase's reactions to it.
  • Cherish thinking the acid fountain was candy, and Al's subsequent throwing her into the air to keep her away from it.
    • Actually anytime he threw her offscreen
  • Al: "You really want to know what happened while you were dead? Ciro. I hit on your girlfriend."
    • Cue Trollface
  • BAPMAN and ROBNIN or any of the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff style panels FFS did.
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  • Any of the alternative battle styles that get suggested: Dance Battle and Strategic Diplomacy for examples.
  • The sudden change in tone when the Burrow attacks the Shopkeep. For clarity, the players were actually pretty worried about the Burrow and then... that happened.

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