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YMMV / Warrens of Oric the Awesome

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  • Archive Panic: The game updates so often that, despite having been just started in January 2013, by May 2013 there have been over 5000 posts.
    • By April 2015, there have been four and a half chapters, nearly *20,000* posts. All aboard the archive train!
  • Designated Villain: Despite being the owner of dungeon and eponymous character, we've never seen Oric do anything directly villainous. He even HELPS Ciro by selling potions in Dungeon Level 3! In DL 4, though, he shows his true colors.
  • Epileptic Trees: Many theories have been formed about the Warrens, from the simple to the odd, to the point where the author even had a contest to see who could figure out the correct theory, with in game rewards!
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  • Oh, Crap!: The response of many of the readers when Laularukyrumo was summoned.

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