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Quotes / Twilight of the Old West

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'Cause looking back, seems to me we were all a bunch of romantic fools who still believed that a good pistol and quick showdown could solve everything. But then the West used to be wide open spaces with lots of elbow room where you never ran into the same person twice. By the time you came along it was changed. Got small and crowded and you kept bumping at the same people all the time. But if you're able to run around in the West peacefully, catching flies, it's only 'cause fellows like me were there first. Yeah, the same fellows you wanna see written up in history books. 'Cause people need something to believe in, like you say. But you won't be able to have it your own way much longer 'cause the country ain't the same anymore, and I'm already feeling the strange in myself. But, what's worse, violence has changed, too. It's grown and got organized and a good pistol don't mean a damn thing anymore. But I guess you must know all this 'cause it's your kind of times, not mine.
Jack Beauregard, My Name Is Nobody

We can't always fight nature, John. We can't fight change. We can't fight gravity. We can't fight nothing. My whole life, John, all I ever did was fight. But I can't give up neither. I can't fight my own nature. That's the paradox, John. You see? When I'm gone they'll just find another monster. They have to. Because they have to justify their wages. Our time is passed, John.
Dutch van der Linde, Red Dead Redemption

By 1899, the time of outlaws and gunslingers was at an end. America was becoming a land of laws, even the West had mostly been tamed. A few gangs still remained, but they were being hunted down and destroyed.
Opening Captions, Red Dead Redemption II


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