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Literature / Star Trek: A New Beginning

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An Alternate Universe work on by Doragon, which can be found here if you happen to be a member. It starts when the real-life Earth of 2011 switched places with the post World War III Star Trek Earth of 2063 at the end of the events of Star Trek: First Contact. And it takes off from there.

Most readers will be suprised but also engrossed by several interesting nicely placed subversions of the Human-wank subtrope, by the horrendous amount of plot twists that "make a pretzel factory look like it's outputting shoe laces" (quoted from member Kyronea) and the general theme of the author trying to ground the storyline in reality where hard facts and cold logic rule the point that it at moments Breaks Willing Suspension of Disbelief but not much in general.

The entire story arc on itself is still a fanatastic read and an epic tale which has one of the longest debate threads in the sites history.


It has been finished with the epilogue chapter of Book III being posted on the 23rd of July, 2012, clocking in at around 1M words long through three books. Word of God has it that the there will be a fourth book, covering one of the unanswered questions of this ATL: "What happened to Khan Noonien Singh and his Augments from the SS Botany Bay?"

Tropes in this story:

  • Alternate History: Seeing as our world was in fact not thrown forward in time this past April, by the very definition.
  • Canon Immigrant: Several characters make their first appearances in user-submitted companion pieces, such as General O'Dowd and Pohl Rashid.
  • Expanded Universe: This project has already spawned a very extensive EU of its own, with followers submitting everything from ship designs, the location of the Terran Confederation Capital and parliamentary legislation to entire colonies that have yet to be mentioned in the actual story.
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  • For Want of a Nail: Even only a few months into the new timeline, things have taken a very interesting turn. Within a year, Earth has gone to war with the Vulcans, and within two years, Earth has mostly united and created alliances with the Romulans and the Andorians.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Retired Marine General Malcolm O'Dowd, whose mother was Vulcan. There are implied to be many more in the offworld colonies, but he is the first and oldest.
  • Legacy Character: Several, including Major Vos, Captain Monroe, Navigation Officer Mr Knight and the aforementioned General O'Dowd all had ancestors mentioned in the first book.

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