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Quotes / Spring Awakening

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Melchior: It's as if the entire world were mesmerized by penis and vagina!
Moritz: Well, I am.

(Wendla's mother has found her wearing a very short dress)
Frau Bergman: Goodness, look at you - in that ... that kindergarten dress! Wendla, grown-up girls cannot be seen strutting about in such-
Wendla: Let me wear this one, mama! I love this one. It makes me feel like a little... faerie-queen.
Frau Bergman: But, you're already... in bloom.

Thea: Melchi Gabor - he's such a radical!

Hanschen: I'll walk with you, Ernst. We'll huddle over the Homer. Maybe do a little Achilles and Patroclus.

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