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  • The climax of "Touch Me", especially when some cast members can be seen standing on one of the spare chairs in the on-stage audience, doing the "Touch Me" dance.
    • Hell, the fact that there is an on-stage audience is awesome enough.
  • The musical score is compelling and the lyrics are profound and full of depth. But particularly "Totally Fucked".
  • Mid Act II, an essay of a sexually educational nature is found amongst Moritz's belongings following his suicide and as Melchior is interrogated about the authorship, the song "Totally Fucked" begins. At the end part of "Totally Fucked" when Melchior is dragged off to a reformatory whilst being blamed for the suicide of his best friend.
    Herr Knochenbruch: "Melchior Gabor, for the LAST time, did you write this?"
    (A beat)
    Melchior: " YES!"
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  • The staging for Totally Fucked in the 2015 revival is even more awesome. The song ends up being staged like Melchior is singing at a rock concert, with the female cast cheering him on from in front of the stage like rabid fangirls. When the song ends and the audience applauds, the rest of the cast turns to Melchior and starts clapping as Melchior is dragged away, still giving his teachers the finger the whole way.
  • The reprise of "Mama Who Bore Me", which is not only an awesome song, but makes all five of the girls (Wendla, Ilse, Martha, Thea, and Anna) look really badass. You just wanna jump up and shout "YOU GO GIRLS!"
    • Definitely. Not only do the girls start the show with a bang, the gospel-style pose they all strike at the end is a staple of many productions. Word of God says they're supposed to rock out like they're teenagers having fun in front of a mirror, which 90% of women/girls have done at some point.
  • In a meta sense, the absolutely unprecedented fact that the ASL revival went from a 99-seat house in Los Angeles to rapturous reviews on Broadway in a year.
    • They needed $200k to perform on the Tonys and to reunite the cast (who were scattered around the States). Which they did, and while exactly how and why they got the money was slightly hotly debated, they went over target on the Kickstarter petition.
      • The performance on the Tonys was not as heavily censored as the original cast (granted, they did censor the cruder signs, but it's still an improvement).


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