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Quotes / Smoke Shield

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"Did I get him? I think I got him... I must have gotten him!" (smoke clears) "No! I missed again!"
Pegasus, Yu-Gi-Oh!

"Goliath is dead! Although I haven't seen his body, the blast that failed to kill me would surely have killed a giant."
Bart Simpson as David, The Simpsons

Vegeta: Dust this bitch!!
[Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin fire energy blasts at Freeza until they can't see him anymore]
Krillin: Did we get him?
Gohan: Krillin, we can feel his energy. Why do you even bother asking?
Krillin: I'm an optimist.
Vegeta: You're an idiot.
Freeza: You're both wrong. You're dead.
Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Episode 25

Tenten: (after a barrage of exploding tags) How do you like that?
Kisame: Hahahahaha! I missed it, did you do something?


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