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Pathologic 2 is supposed to feel almost unbearable.
The developers, reluctantly adding difficulty settings to the game

I have no idea what is going on.
But I have started selling organs for profit.
— The reviewer Lovelace

Russian depression simulator.
yes, we're all going to die, and no, it won't be pretty
I love it.
— The reviewer Bananamas

In an era dominated by pre-occupations of catastrophe and apocalypse, while simultaneously stripping the concepts of all sense of weight and gravity, Pathologic 2 actually respects what it’s about. Not the easy-swallow McDoomsday from the boardrooms of coked-up hedge-fund managers to the saliva-slick chins of flaccid neckbeards lacking the hair to push into a half-cocked mohecan in the bathroom mirror. You’re not gunning around a giant wasteland in an inexplicably souped up vehicle with an inexplicably customised hand-cannon, blowing chunks out of legions of factory-line bad-guys while disposable marionettes dampen their panties on your pulsating biceps. Thank God.
— The reviewer Words and Chaos


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