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Headscratchers / Pathologic 2

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    The Bull 
  • What was the point of that bull that you could buy in the first day? I kept expecting it to talk to me at some point, but all it did was wander around the outside of my hideout and not say a peep. Even after I bought it a bell that also did nothing.
    • Should you survive until Day 11, you will receive an achievement for talking to your soft-nosed friend.

    Theatre Rat 
  • What exactly happened when the Theatre Rat got out? I remember a woman screaming at me that I let it out because I died, and a Rat taunted me the next time I went to the theatre, but after that it never came up again.

    Vigilantes' fate 
  • Why did Artemy kill the guys trying to murder him in the beginning? Yeah, it's a totally understandable instinct, and they probably didn't try to run away (like NPCs do in gameplay) because they believed their cause was Just, but it's not really in character for Artemy. Especially since the plague hasn't started yet and he was fighting them barehanded. He could easily have chosen to leave them exhausted and bleeding instead of dead.

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