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Quotes / Nature Abhors a Virgin

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"Sex is a part of nature. I go with nature."

"Premarital sex play, in my opinion has a useful role here.It is the initiation of a virgin into a relationship with a young man. It is actually a first step in an important emotional adjustment. Indeed, the eventual sexual effectiveness of marriage will derive directly from these early experiences of sexual response."
Dr. Miguel Sixto Mosqueira M.D., Sexual Frigidity in Women

"Celibacy is physically unnatural and can result in physical problems. especially in men unless they masturbate so the body is used as it was intended. Prostate blockage and painful wet dreams are often the body's reaction to the unnatural act of celibacy. This is what I experienced as a teen and young adult, believing the lies of the fundamentalists that totally twisted the Bible to make me feel sex was somehow wrong before marriage."
"Likewise in women, there are healthy benefits of sexual release- physical as well as emotional."
Liberated Christians, Celibacy


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