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Select quotes from My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic.

The planet itself was also a tightly control[sic] Police State, but a benevolent one and not tyrannical. The streets were always kept clean. Petty or harsh crimes would not be tolerated and subjected to small sentences— a week of community service, or a night in small prisons, things like that.
Then there were VERY serious crimes that usually were handled by trial, but that was hardly the point.

It was fitness-day— The day when members of the force were to go through exercise workouts. It wasn’t just all believing and having good skill to use magic, they also had to be in good shape and keep fit for normal everyday lives, as well as combat without magic. Participation was mandatory.

Lightning and Krysta felt sick to their stomachs at such stupidity. “I know he had good intentions but... reasoning with creatures THAT evil…?” groaned Lightning.
“That’s like trying to capture the sun, either incredibly difficult or impossible.” added Krysta.

So, several Starfleet forces and civilians who were normal astronauts set off to explore the vast regions of dimensional space, locating other planets suitable to live on, or to explore and observe. By doing this they met other races of creatures. Some were bad and some were nice, some to help and some to fight. By expanding their horizons, the space ponies found new allies with friendly races and helped to protect them from evil forces, and other Starfleet fighters would invade the home planets of potential evil forces before they could cause any danger. This way, if any chaos was to commence, it would happen on the bad guys’ home world instead of innocent worlds.

“That’s Cadance for you.” Twilight said “The best foal-sitter I ever had.”
“Don’t you mean babysitter?” Lightning asked.
“Oh, sorry…” Twilight said. She was still getting used to her new speech adjustment.
It was "Somebody" not "Some-pony", and all the basic stuff.

“Besides…” DD continued “Even if we [Space Ponies] could earn cutie marks, I’m not so sure if I’d like to have one anyway.” The students all looked very concerned when she said that. How could someone not even consider wanting a cutie mark, and DD explained bravely that she thought it was just plain silly. “Do you really to have a picture on your flank to show your special talent or part of your personality? No, that’s not who you really are. I know I can do lots of things already, and there’s a lot more things I know I can learn to do, and I don’t think I need a mark to tell me that for me. I’m happy to be who I am, cutie mark or not.”

Twilight hated to admit it but she was still a little shaky on the fact of having to destroy creatures. “I know sometimes we have to, but… I still don’t think that it’s right. It makes us no different than they are.”
Krysta hovered near her “Twilight, I like you, but… sometimes I think you really need to wake up and stop kidding yourself.”
“I know!” Twilight said sounding annoyed “Do you have to give me this same boring speech every time? I understand, but I just don’t feel anything good comes out of it.”
“Never mind, Twilight.” said Lightning “Maybe one day you’ll see.”

The Crystallites were very attractive creatures, but only on the surface. They were reputed to having the most outrageous of egos in the galaxy, claiming they were the most beautiful creatures of all, and felt it gave them the right to do as they wanted. The worst part they were treacherous thieves that specialized in stealing treasures and preserving their good looks, but most of all, seizing control of all they desire, namely worlds which would entitle them to steal more treasures and conquer more worlds.

“Silence!” shouted Lightning “I want answers from you and I want ‘em now! Why did you have Starla cut from the play?”
Celestia was outraged by the way he was speaking to her, but merely slid a file towards him which contained photographs taken showing Starla as the culprit responsible for trashing the set. “If you expect me to allow someone who has done this to be in our school play, you are sorely mistaken.”
“I don’t believe this one bit.” said Lightning “Starla would never do something like this.”
Celestia had been told the same thing by Starla, and since Starla was not able to prove otherwise, Celestia cut her off. “My decision is final. Now, get out of my office.”
Lightning stiffened his body and gazed at her furiously. “No, I won’t!”
Celestia’s features hardened into deep fury. “What did you say?”
“I said… No… I… won’t! I’ve kept this quiet for some time, but you’ve asked for it. You are nothing but an overbearing, bad-tempered, cold-hearted whiny little misfit of a hag!”
He was shouting so loud, that practically everyone could hear what he had said echoing through the school; everyone gasped and peered round the corner. Some even swallowed flies, literally, but were freaked out to even care.
Celestia had never felt so angrily heart-struck in her life. She felt her whole body shaking with such fury, all she needed was one more little push. “You know what… maybe it’s a good thing Bud is dead!” growled Lightning “I’m not so sure he would want an angry wretch like you riding on his back, and how Grandruler ever fell for a demon like you is beyond me!”
Celestia SCREECHED like an angry banshee and swiftly leapt over her desk, tackling Lightning to the ground and began to angrily punch his face. He didn’t feel anything from her punches of course, and he grabbed hold of her arm and flipped her off of him.
“Sister, Stop[sic]!” cried Luna as she barged in trying to break the two of them up, but Celestia was so outraged, she punched her own sister in the face sending her colliding head first into the counter outside, knocking her out cold, and she continued to attack at Lightning.
Many students saw it, and while some actually found it cool, the rest were horrified and ran off to call the police.
Lightning didn’t dare attack Celestia, knowing with his superior strength he would really hurt her more than she deserved to be, but he did shove her off him, and sent her crashing into a shelf with her old riding trophies on it, and they all fell on her, a couple were even broken, and one of them was the very first trophy she and Bud had ever won, really enraging her, so much that she lunged at Lightning, tackling him to the ground with her hands on his neck attempting to choke him to death.
He just had to get her off of him somehow, and with his one free hand he felt up on top of the desk. He felt sharp pencils, a pair of scissors, a letter opener knife, and finally the hot cup of coffee. He grabbed it and then swiftly bashed at Celestia’s face hard, shattering the cup and scalding her with the hot coffee and knocking her off of him. She SCREAMED in extreme agony as she lay flat on the floor rubbing her face. “IT BURNS! IT BURNS!!
Now feeling outraged and very ashamed of himself deep down for what he had just done, Lightning angrily ran out of the school

Twilight lay unconscious on the ground, but no one had actually seen what happened, giving Flash the perfect chance to continue his cover by calling the paramedics and faking a story that he and Twilight were simply chatting outside when she suddenly collapsed, possible due to a violent seizure.
Twilight was taken straight to the hospital where she was diagnosed to be in a deep coma, and wouldn’t snap out of it for some time. The doctors had a hard time believing that she really just collapsed from a seizure.
Lightning was the only one to suspect it was really Flash and his mother who did it, but couldn’t prove it, and still didn’t wish to cause more trouble trying to expose him.
—So what you're saying, narrator, is that Lightning will leap to the defense of someone who's been falsely accused of sabotage but won't lift a finger to bring the attackers of someone who's been rendered comatose to justice? Well, isn't that cute? BUT IT'S WROOOONNNNNNG!!! My Brave Pony: Starfleet Humans, Act 11: The Music Masters

“I know.” said Cadance “But it just seems so hard to let go. He was my big brother, and I really loved him, but when I had to destroy him… it felt as if a part of me died with him.”
Lightning stepped forward. “You feel like you lost your whole world.” The girls turned to face him. “Believe me; I know what that really feels like.”
Cadance felt like she was only just beginning to realize the absolute truth and how her problems weren’t really all that bad. She only lost one or maybe a few family members or loved ones in her life, but everything else stayed the same for her. Lightning on the other hand, he lost all his people, his family, his friends; everything when his birth planet, Harmonious was destroyed. “I’m sorry, Lightning.” she said “I… I guess I wasn’t really thinking about how others have it.”
“It’s not your fault.” Lightning said as he joined her by her side and looked up at the stars. “When Harmonious blew up, and all my people died, not a day or night went by that I didn’t stop to think about it and all that I lost, and I still do, but I try to cope with it, and it helps. Now I have a reason to fight; a reason to keep on living; so that I can help protect others so they won’t likely have to face the same stuff I did. When Unicornicopia and Equestria were destroyed, I knew how everyone felt… but… look at all this, look what we created… in many ways we all learn to move on at some point, even if we ultimately can never put it behind us.”
Way to be just pathetic instead of sympathetic and empathetic, Narrator! "Lightning Dawn's pain is worse than Cadance's because he lost more people!" And since when does he think about his birth planet and its inhabitants when not dealing with the ones who destroyed them!? Season 3, Episode 3: Renegade Robot

"They’re murderers; they go on killing everything they deem as evil. They never once thought of talk and reason. You know what they are, violent, evil sneaks, and they turn our world into a police state, watching us all day and night."

"To be honest, Ace Ray... You’re as bad and unimaginative as the evil they face!"

The end results of the grueling training were astonishing…!!
Now the ponies had very strong levels of endurance; their bodies were so solid that it wouldn’t be easy to hurt them. It as almost as if they were wearing suits of thick and dense armor right inside their bodies, and certain forms of magic would not be able to penetrate them, which meant they could be transfigured into other creatures or objects so easily.
Their physical strength had improved immensely; they could lift huge and solid objects the size of small hills and hardly break a sweat, and they could break giant boulders into gravel with one punch, some even with just one finger, or even their tails!!
Their speed… Now that was an astonishing improvement. Some managed to run on their two feet alone at 15.5 kilometers per second, which equaled to 55,800 KPH! More than seven times faster than Rainbow Dash and her absolute best speed, and that was just by running. They could travel at even faster speeds by flight. According to Grand Ruler, some ponies like him were most likely to one day reach
the velocity of light squared, but only in theory. With a speed like that, a pony would be able to circumnavigate the entire universe... if they didn't stop for rest breaks!
All this, and the technology and weapons they had developed and pioneered over the centuries, they became a fierce force to be reckoned with. They traveled to many star systems and discovered many new sorts of sights and discoveries. They fought against many different sorts of foes; Dragons, ogres, giants, witches, warlocks, mutants, demons, aliens, orgs, even a few machines here and then.
In every measurable sense, the Starfleet race was far superior to the Equestrian race; in magic, strength, experience and intelegence[sic].
…The Equestrians in the audience couldn’t possibly argue a thing with that. Compared to Starfleet with all its massive powers and other things, they were still in nursery school. So all this new training was to help them all power up and become just as strong fighters as any member on the force.
Said the European settlers to the Native Americans. Season 3, Episode 5: Truth Hurts

Frost-Eye told his story, and how he was sealed away in the Ice Cavern one-hundred years ago by Celestia!
He used to be an ordinary Pegasus pony in charge of wintry weather, and he loved causing snow-storms or ice-falls, but often he liked having a little fun by misusing his powers to play practical jokes on others by dumping snow on them, even in the summer, or mocking others for enjoying the other seasons instead of winter.
“They always said it was almost as if I had wanted to cast the planet into an eternal winter. I supposed in some ways they were right. Just thinking about it—an endless winter and my services being used 24/7. I’d make a fortune, and I could have all the fun and glory I’d ever want and nothing could tell me not to.”
He went on to explain that his mischief and evil deeds soon landed him in trouble. Celestia decided he needed to be taught a lesson. She sealed him away, freezing him within the walls of the Ice-Cavern, and promised to release him when he had learned respect for others, or he would remain where he was in the eternal freezing environment he so wanted.
A-hundred years past and all he could think about was making Celestia and all of Equestria suffer for this. That’s when he was freed by King Sombra, who desired help in taking over the Crystal Empire after it had reappeared. That was how Frost-Eye became the frozen demoncorn he was now, and his freezing powers had increased immensely.

The whole of the planet was put on wide alert of Raven and her sinister plot, and that anyone who so much as spotted her anywhere or had any information that would lead to her capture was to be reported at once to the authorities, but no one… positively no one was permitted under any circumstances to do battle with her.
The rest of Lightning and Twilight’s friends knew of Raven by this point and almost couldn’t believe the story they were told. It only made Twilight angrier and more determined than ever to find Raven and strangle her for threatening her beloved teacher. “Captain Twilight Sparkle, you’ll do no such thing!” Lightning strictly told her. “We still don’t know exactly how powerful Raven really is. It’s dangerous to even think of facing her.”
Everyone else agreed. So far, Raven had only been showing them samples and fractions of her power, and with a-thousand years of training, that didn’t even come close to all their years of training combined.

Twilight continued to fight as best she could, but Raven was starting to grow annoyed and decided to teach Twilight a lesson once and for all about getting in the way between her and her revenge. Her golden horn began to glow with that mystical light, and she laughed loud and wickedly, and her hands were just glowing brightly. Twilight gazed in concern, but remembered that Celestia’s life was at stake, and she began to charge up her own power and was glowing along with her Element of Magic deep within her.
Twilight!” shouted Lightning, and he dashed down to try and get to her and stop her, but the two ponies already fired two large beams of magic at one another. Twilight pushed and struggled and gave it all she got, but she too stood no chance against the power of the uniforce, and Raven began to send force the powers back at her. Twilight gasped and barley managed to leap out of the way just in time, but Raven zipped right up to her, and zapped her right thought the heart right before Lightning’s eyes and horror.
Twilight’s body jolted with magical currents, and small explosions. Her visor had shattered, and her armor fell off and hit the ground with a loud clang as she fell to her knees… forward onto the ground… followed by a large, fiery explosion!
The spell stopped working because Twilight was the one, who had cast it, and… there was no doubt, she was a goner. Raven cast a glare at Lightning and decided to let him be. “Let this be a warning…” she sneered “Anyone who dares get in the way of my revenge will meet the same fate as your friend. Ciao!” and she vanished while laughing loudly, but Lightning was almost too devastated to care.
He powered down his suit and walked over to Twilight. He got down on his knees and, ever so gently, scooped her into his arms. The wound on her chest was very fatal. “Twilight…?” he peeped softly as he gently caressed her face with his fingers “Twilight…?”
She weakly opened her eyes and gazed up at him. “Lightning…” she spoke so wearily and softly she almost couldn’t be heard. Tears were flowing down Lightning’s face. “Just take it easy. She’s gone now.”
Twilight slowly laid her hand into Lightning’s one free hand. “Lightning…” she peeped “…I’m… sor… ry!” Her eyes slowly closed and Lightning felt her hand softly sliding out of his and it just flopped lifelessly onto her chest. “Twilight…?” Her entire body lost its coloring and turned to a chalky grey, her cutie mark glowed brightly under her pants, and seemingly left her flank and dissolved into thin air, and finally out of her body emerged a newly forged stone representing the element of magic. “Twilight… ” sobbed Lightning. His tears were cascading down his face and splashing onto her body. “No… No…”
And her threw his head high up into the air and let out a very loud and mournful NEIGH… just like the pony he was.

The Cutie mark[sic] Crusaders didn’t even seem to care much if the wedding was off. They went back to school feeling very sad, even Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were actually showing emotions as if for the first time… as they felt just as bad as everyone else.

Frost-Eye soon found himself back against the wall, the same one he had been sealed in before, and Lightning stepped forth, and reminded him of all the horrid things he did with his bad behavior and his sick, twisted idea for freezing weather, and nearly killing everyone. “You were sealed in here for a reason. Now, you’re going back until you learn some manners and respect.” His eyes glowed brightly with a small amount of the uniforce, and he fired it right at Frost-Eye and the wall.
Frost-Eye screamed and roared as the entire cavern began to collapse all around them. “Let’s run!” cried Pinkie and they all dashed out of the cavern, leaving Frost-Eye to be helplessly sealed away again, and the entire cavern collapsed and sealed itself up under the snow and ice.
“Lightning, how did you do that?” asked Spike.
Lightning explained he heard tales from Queen Celestia of how she sealed Frost-Eye away the first time, by forcing a magic spell to use as the seal. Since the uniforce was stronger than almost all things, and with the cavern now sealed away under the mountain… Frost-Eye wasn’t likely to come out of there for a really long time. Hopefully, he would learn some sense.

“Look.” said Shining Armor, pointing at the bottle on the windowsill. The two figures, remained unseen by them, but the trio examined the medicine bottle and the note attached to it: “For the Queen, be sure to take these. Your survival depends on it.” it said. This worried everyone, but confused them as well, and they began to suspect a trap. Shining Armor ripped off the note, breaking the sticker-seal. A big flash of light shone, and he dropped the bottle as everyone stepped back and gazed in awe as light images of the two hooded creatures appeared.
The trio was just speechless, but the babies gazed at the two figures strangely.
“If you are hearing this message, be advised, this is no trap.” said the male.
“You must listen very carefully to what we are about to tell you. We can only say it once.” said the female. The trio listened very carefully, feeling it was important.
“Queen Celestia is extremely ill, and in exactly one week from today, she will die from a blood disease.”
Celestia gasped, and the others gazed at her with such concern.
The female voice then explained everything, and the images warped to showing events from the past. There Celestia was, fighting with Raven, the evil assassin whom tried to murder Celestia, and killed Twilight.
…Remembering this angered everyone severely.
The message played on warning Celestia this was how it all started…
Raven had coated her fists with a very powerful poison she had discovered from her thousand years of training in the Dark Dimension. She managed to even render it invisible so Celestia would never suspect a thing, and no current Starfleet technology would detect it within her.
Raven herself was already immune to this poison, yet every time she punched Celestia during their brawl, hitting Celestia’s skin, the poison seeped into her body. Though it was only in small doses, it slowly began to build up inside of her. Modern day technology would never have been able to detect the poison until it was too late.
It was Raven’s hope that if by some fluke she had lost to Celestia, Celestia would still die and she’d gain her revenge, for no actual cure existed that could help her.
“This medicine we have given is your only hope. It will give you a fighting chance if you take it.” said the male voice.
“By now you must realize that this is not an act of trickery. We would never give you this message if it had been.”
“Take your medicine now. You have not much time left.”
The images faded and would not be seen again. Celestia was a mixture of emotions, confused, astonished, but most of all she was afraid. “I’m… going to… die?!”
Grand Ruler gazed at his wife with possibly the deepest most frightened concern he had ever felt. He really didn’t know what to think, yet explanations were justified, and with no time to actually study the pills and find out their contents as it would take far too long, in desperation not to lose her, he was prepared to take the biggest risk he had ever taken…!
He took the bottle and handed it to her. “You better take your medicine.”
Even Shining Armor was inclined to agree.
—...Oh sure, you'll try to save your wife's life with some medicine that's potentially a trap but you won't command Starfleet to try and fight the very assassin who's responsible for Celestia's condition in the first place! Is it any wonder many readers are convinced that Raven was working for Celesto and that her true target was Twilight!? Season 4, Episode 9: Desperation Disasters

“But I don’t understand. I came up with excellent features, ideals, and creative means to end the war.”
“That may be, but you didn’t portray it accurately enough.” said Lightning “You portrayed simply by talking and resolving differences would end all the war and fighting; and while that could be true, that’s not how it would work in real life.”
Twilight was growing irritable. “So, you’re saying I should just fight, and kill and hurt more innocent people.” She pointed at a news-clipping on her desk about the thugs being hauled away.
Lightning could only sigh in disappointment. It was bad enough she put words in his mouth. He really hated it when Twilight tried to point out flaws in his arguments.
—So judging by this exchange, the human Lightning Dawn believes Violence Is the Only Option and Can't Take Criticism. Mr. Grandruler, is this the kind of person you want as a teacher at Crystal Prep? My Brave Pony: Starfleet Humans: Starfleet Events, Act 1: Differences Apart

Meanwhile, that very day at Canterlot High, all the students were so confident about their upcoming third and consecutive triumph of the Friendship Games; their school against Crystal Prep.
This would all be thanks to the Starfleet gang.
[Rhymey] referred to the fact that their Starfleet powers and experiences helped them and the gang develop graceful and stronger skills for their every days lives; flexibility, endurance, strength, speed, even their wits, but it was not their actual powers though. Those powers could only be accessed by the energizer badges they and all their friends kept on them but never actually wore them in public.
So, it was pretty much just natural skills.
“But still, doesn’t it feel like… cheating?” asked Fluttershy.
“It so isn’t…” said Rainbow as she waltzed up behind them kicking her soccer-ball. “We’re been through this every year, they accuse of cheating, and we prove to them it’s natural skill and talent. HI-YA!”
—Actually, given that Starfleet's powers are basically presented as fantastic performance-enhancing drugs, yes it does. My Brave Pony: Starfleet Humans: Starfleet Events, Act 1: Differences Apart

My Brave Pony: Starfleet Humans: Starfleet Events, Act 7: The Wicked Witch Doctor

Yes, Brass is a strawman, inspired by and behaving exactly like somebody who was very rude to me about my Starfleet verse and my characters.
Preferring an entire galaxy of so many innocent beings, including the Equestrians he supports, to be killed just so they don't have to put up with what HE THINKS Starfleet is
That is Pathetic, and shameful and extremely scorn-worthy!

They come to our world, lead their enemies to us, and if that wasn’t bad enough they turned us from normal ponies into these human shaped weirdos! Oh, and to add insult to injury, they treat us all like we’re inferior and enslave us with their martial laws, and when trouble comes they just fight and kill, and they arrest creatures with no good reason
…They’re nothing but a bunch of silly, overbearing tyrannical dictators! Why can’t you guys see that? Why can’t anyone see that?”

Princess Luna stepped forth, “Our efforts to save our home-world were in vain, but our lives were spared the destruction, and before long our new world was born, and our new lives began. Not to mention we all got these rather interesting new bodies.”
Pretty much all the ponies gathered liked their humanoid bodies; they made their lives so much easier than before— now able to perform menial tasks with their hands instead of their mouths or magic. This would help get a lot more done a lot more efficiently, especially for those who couldn’t do magic.
—What the Equestrians do with their own hooves is just as efficient as what humans do with their hands, but in their own way. What gives the Space Ponies the right to say that their way is more efficient because of five little digits? Also, for those capable of it, how would using hands be more efficient and better than using telekinesis?! Season 6, Episode 10: Founders Day-Saster

Suddenly, he spotted a speck of sparkling blood on the floor in the hallway. No doubt it was Grand Ruler’s blood as he was a deity alicorn, and their blood type sparkled.

Ever since United Equestria was formed after The Great War, with Starfleet’s advanced technologies, things had quite improved since the days of Equestria of Old.
Computers and Systems were now much more advanced, and able to do much more than ever before, and new complex machinery and devices were established to make life a little different, and much more efficient.
One thing the computers did not have was Internet. Though human ambassador, Mykan Stevens, had shown and taught the inhabitants of this remarkable benefit of his world, most citizens agreed it best there be no internet…!
United Equestria was a planet more centered around Friendship; as in “Spending time with friends and family” Going on picnics, fishing, bowling, to the movies or theater, or just plain hanging out and having fun.
Plus, they also knew that having such things would probably have benefits, but also serious consequences, like cyber-bullying, hacking, and people wasting all their time in front of the computer, ignoring outside life.
So, things like internet, motor cars, television— most people were perfectly content not having such things, and they got on just fine without.
Even still, just because technologies improved, didn’t mean everyone was forced to switch over. Applejack and her family stuck to their old farming methods, because they liked it that way.
Many deemed United Equestria fine as it was.
—It's not every day you see a "technologically advanced species" that's composed of luddites. Also, how would communicating with pals who live several kilometers or even light years away instantly make United Equestria less centered around friendship? Also, since when did Mykan care about friendship? And who wants to bet Mykan’s guilty of many of the offenses he’s listed here? Season 8, Episode 3: It Came from Cyberspace

Select quotes pertaining to My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic from outside of the fics.

Are they tried by a jury of their peers?
Usually a jury, but sometimes, they don't even need a trial. After all, you have more than enough proof from what you've seen and experienced.
How does Starfleet determine what is more than enough proof that a trial isn't needed?
I've already explained that... just by witnessing, or being victims; it's practically catching them red-handed, and with tons of witnesses. They COULD mind you, still have a trial, by it's a bit pointless by that point since they are already guilty.
Why is there no "innocent until proven guilty" like in several countries of our world? What if the witnesses mistake someone innocent for the criminal or if they're bribed to incriminate somebody not guilty?
Its just that the system seems wasy to abuse. In Digimon, people watched Ken have Stingmon murder some Digimon and they thought he was still a monster until we see that they were wrong. By this same system, when the Titans watched Robin fight them under Slade, then he would be arrested and put in jail for his crimes, and not seeing that he is doing this to help them while under cover.
That is not likely to happen, Starfleet has ways of knowing the truth. It is not easy to hide anything from them, they'll get the truth somehow.
And what are these ways of uncovering the truth?
The same way anyone would... Lie-detection.
Or the fact that they already SAW it with their own eyes.
Heck, is Starfleet had been around during the Royal Canterlot wedding, their visors would have told them INSTANTLY that that Cadance was a fake.
But, Lie dectors fail. Everything has a failure point, and what about false memories
"In the most infamous real-life case of this trope, between 1980-1995 the United States and elsewhere experienced a number of trials in which children's day care center owners and staff were accused of Satanic ritual abuse, based entirely on testimony that was simply impossible, which the individual did not remember until after being questioned. The "recovered memory" testimony was discredited after a psychologist testified that the techniques used for "recovering suppressed memories" were exactly the ones she had been using in research to create false memories. The real clincher was the "Impossible Bunny" experiment. Using the same techniques used to "reveal" memories of abuse, a researcher got somebody to recall meeting Bugs Bunny at Disney Land...something which is impossible, due to Bugs not being a Disney character, but a Warner Brothers one. More generally, it's been demonstrated that even without this prompting many real victims of crime can have their memories falsified, just by things like being shown the picture of a suspect that wasn't the actual perpetrator. The "show-up" where a victim is presented with the suspect on their own, in a picture or personally, is particularly suggestive. Many suspects were wrongly convicted of crimes due to mistaken eyewitness testimony, and only exonerated by objective evidence like DNA testing (it does not do one good to think of how many are probably still in prison where this does not exist). In the US, it's especially disturbing that a number of them were sentenced to death and in some cases came just days away from being killed."
What if the crimes were witnessed by civilians instead of Star Fleet? They're 'more' likely to lie, be bribed or mistaken!
No, not this time. The only chance you have is if you can BLOCK or Manipulate the magic yourself, and it takes a tremendous amount of magic to do so.
Bottomline, you can never truly outwit Starfleet, and even if you manage to succeed, you will not get away with it.
There goes and old saying...
"You may hide the truth from everyone else, you cannot lie to yourself.
Again, unless you can successfully block the magic, or manipulate (Which I state again, is extremely difficult) the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be uncovered. "You cannot outwit Starfleet" (That is how I wish them to be portrayed)
what's to prevent a bunch of witnesses from lying about what they saw happen? As shown in my previous example, it is very easy for someone to lie to themselves, to remember things falsely, or to be mistaken in thier own memories.
Memories are flimsy enough as it is, also say that a bunch of ponies round the corner and spot a guy pulling a knife out of somepony. They'll likely think they just caught the murderer redhanded but, as it turns out, he was just pulling the knife somepony else stabbed the victim with in order to save their life. By your admittance, because a lot of ponies saw what they thought was the guy murdering somepony, he would go straight to jail instead of the real murderer.
This question is hereby resolved, no matter how much you try and fancy it up, it's all the same.
While it's true that the majority of criminal cases in the U.S. don't reach trial, there being more than enough proof in the form of several witnesses does not qualify as a valid reason regardless of how "high-tech" your law enforcement is; that's basically an invitation for police corruption. My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Q&A

I didn't ask why you forced the Equestrians to change, I asked why Starfleet didn't give them a choice
I don't think it's necessary to ask them, knowing this is one of those FOR SURE things they'd like the second they got it.
—"We are perfectly fine with being transformed by this other race in order to look more like them"... Said no one ever. Except for characters in The Conversion Bureau, and look at how that turned out. My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Q&A

Now that the Equestrians eat meat, do they kill sentient animals like cows for beef and such?]
No... They're omnivores, not carnivorous cannibals. They don't kill and process the meat on United Equestria. The meat they get is bought or traded for from other planets (Like Space Grocery shopping)
But wait, then how can they face the cows and pigs and sheep (Who talk mind you) and tell them that they are currently eating their space brethen? And where does this space meat come from?
I don't think it matters all that much WHERE they come from, and as for the animals, I've looked them in the eyes and still eaten them, but I'd never want to actually kill them and then eat them.
The animals know they get eaten, the most I can do is just not slaughter them, especially when they're young.
I even was thinking of making a chapter that deal with Applebloom and her beloved but aging hog norm
That's besides the point. It's all just part of life, creatures need to eat, but the least I can do is not have them be slaughtered willie nillie
—There's a very small difference between real-life livestock and Equestria's livestock that Mykan fails to mention: the latter are sapient. And just because it's processed somewhere else doesn't change the fact that it came from a sapient creature. My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Q&A

How can Starfleet fuse 2 dead planets, along with their native wildlife and vegetation, back into existence with belief, but cannot bring Twilight Sparkle back from the dead in Starfleet Magic III or erase all evil out of the universe?
Plants can be replanted or replaced easily, and buildings and rock formations can be reformed,
but with actual terrestrial life like ours, it's a different story.
They were only able to restore the planet, the buildings, and the plantlife, but it doesn't work on terrestrial beings. (Magic isn't supposed to be able to bring the dead back to life)
Also, I did not WANT Twilight Sparkle to be revived! I had her killed off 90% out of spite, and 10% to further the plot.
Umm, define terrestial life, because plants are living terrestial life too.
Terrestrial as in animal life human/beast.
Terrestrial: adj. growing on land (plants) or living on the ground (animals). Evidently not how Mykan interprets the word. My Brave Pony Starfleet Magic Q&A

It's quite annoying how people mock,
There's nothing wrong with the way we talk.
Dat is true, dere's nothin' wrong with us,
It's DEM who have da problem, which is why dey fuss!

Tsk-tsk-tsk... like I made Grand Ruler teach Twilight in Starfleet Season 2... "Sometimes, the obvious choice is the wrong choice."
...Whoa! Even I am shocked (and I write up scenes like that all the time) Still, I have to give this major points for the fallout.
*Lightning Dawn to Twilight:* "I am very ashamed of you."

As you've seen Equestrians weapons leave much to be desire, they do have some good weaponry, but it's all medieval themed (Armor, spears, swords, shields, cannons) Where ae Starfleet's tech seems to represent distant futuristic idealism.
Mykan explaining the difference between Equestrian and Starfleet in terms of technology. Now, let's look this over; first off, Equestria having medieval weaponry shouldn't have to matter in the grand scheme of things, as there is still magic. We have also seen that Equestria has tech beyond simple medieval times. Second, Starfleet only seems to have technology that represents distant futuristic idealism? What does that even mean? Starfleet's tech level is nowhere near the distant futuristic nonsense Mykan claims it is. Sure, they may seem to have some kind of Faster-Than-Light Travel, but it is handwaved as to how it works. Furthermore, idealism as a tech level? What is that supposed to mean?

3: The whole DRINKING ellipses bull. He is clearly drinking from a plastic water bottle and putting on an immature facade.
Mykan's blog regarding a riff. To quote Legendbringer himself: Oh no! He obiviously found out I wasn't really drunk and was using a prop! I havent been this stunned since I found out that Linkara wasn't really drinking Romulan Ale, Doug wasn't really drinking in his scenes, and that AVGN doesn't really drink Rolling Rock (Probably doesn't anymore though. Daughters and all. Still would be hilarious when the day comes and the girls ask ,"Daddy, why did you shit all over Bugs Bunny's face?")
It's like, this is fiction and this is all improved and a comedy scetch show. What's next? That the Turtles aren't eating real pizza in the movie? Next you'll tell me I was only acting drunk.
This one will always kill me. Like, what does he want, me to really get drunk? Or is he thinking that I need to be serious about these riffs?
I wonder, is he the guy who watches MST3K and goes, "Those aren't real robots."

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