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Maybe it's just because it stands out more because he is annoying, but Rhymey seems to get the most dialogue, not counting Lightning, Celesto, Titan, and maybe Krysta. Perhaps the author thinks the rhyming gimmick is clever and amusing rather than annoying like most of the readers think. He is also the only character other than Celesto and Lightning to have a love interest— and a very popular canon character as it, to boot.
  • I think Celestia is actually his favorite character, considering that his Self-Insert got married and had kids with her, and he killed off Twilight Sparkle so Celestia could be Element of Magic instead.
  • The theory itself is confirmed, in this blog.

"Titan" is an alternate universe version of Titan from "The Immortal Game".
In this universe, Grand Ruler Celesto stole the powers of the alternate universe equivlents of Luna and Candace to become a "Tri-Horned Winged Unicorn", and developed the Uniforce to defeat and seal away Titan. This gave Titan severe brain damage, and over thousands of years his mental state deteriorated to the point that his only emotion became hatred of Unicornicopia. Grand Ruler Celesto, meanwhile gave into paranoia, and instituted all the implied ethnic clensings and totalitarian policies in fear that Titan's eyes and ears were everywhere, Eventually leading to him making Lightning as a living weapon against Titan (since of course the Ruler is to afraid of Titan to face him again).

Mind you, this doesn't explain why the canon characters are out of character. Maybe he has a brainwashing spell?

  • Judging by the disturbing fascistic implications, of course he'd have a brainwashing spell.

The author will sooner or later ship every member of the mane cast with made up characters.
The author is known for writing fanfics just for the sake of shipping some characters together, not caring much for their personalities. It doesn`t sound so far fetched that he may ship Twilight with some color swap of her own brother.
  • Well, he has already paired up Rhymey with Fluttershy...
  • If that's going to be the case, then I'm willing to bet that the following things will happen:
    • Applejack will hook up with Buddy Rose, and Mykan will most likely rip off something from Teen Titans that involved Beast Boy and Terra, and use some cheesy love songs from one or more Disney movies in the process.
      • Jossed: Buddy will end up with Treehugger as of season 6.
    • Dyno and Myte will end up fighting over Rainbow Dash, who doesn't catch onto it for the longest time, making it a Running Gag for half of if not the entire "season". When she finally does catch on, she chooses one of them and the one she rejected gets together with Pinkie Pie some time shortly after.
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    • Artie is going to be with Rarity and Mykan will probably find some idiotic way to kill off Spike to avoid any kind of Love Triangle-related conflict from him involving that couple.
      • Jossed, Spike and Rarity are a couple as of the end of season 4. That, and Human!Artie ends up with Sunset Shimmer.
  • Twilight and a Palette Swap of Shining Armor?! Eww!
  • One problem: Mykan actually hates the Mane 6 a lot, especially Twilight. It got so bad that he killed her off late into "Season" three.

The author is an avatar of Discord.
Think about it: He despises the idea of friendship and order, wants to force his own chaotic ideas on the show and embodies the opposites of the Elements of Harmony. Also, his childish tantrums are reminiscent of how Discord acted, when Fluttershy managed to withstand his manipulation.
  • Then why was Discord killed?
    • All part of the plan to make the readers believe, the loyal minion of Discord is just an insane closet brony. Recent hints on fimchan indicate he may bring Discord back as a joke villain.
  • I don't think even Discord would do something like this.
  • If Discord wrote something like this, the characters would not be as flat and boring as they are, and it would definitely not play up blind obedience as a good thing.
    • Well he wanted blind obedience from the mane 6, and he appears to like mind controlling people.
Titan is not dead.
He survived being blown up once, why should a second time (when he actually was even more powerful) give him the rest? It is possible he is just hiding, waiting up the right moment to strike again.
  • Confirmed. He's back in "The Movie".

Why Techno isn't in the story...
Upon watching the introductory YouTube video for the series, one will notice that a robot pony named Techno appears in the character list yet doesn't appear in the story.
  • What Could Have Been, maybe? He had plans to include him but couldn't think of a way? He has already dropped characters who have appeared with little resolution before.
  • Maybe he'll introduce him in another installment.
  • It's very likely that the concept of Techno (evil robotic horse) was instead used for Fratello.

Inbreeding is rampant among the Unicornicopians.
The author has stated that the population of Unicornicopia is mostly male, and inbreeding would explain some of the less than intelligent actions of the characters (I.E. Characters choosing not to fly over a dangerous forest when they could and characters choosing to hang out with Rhymey).
  • That disturbingly explains a lot.
  • There's even some evidence in the story that could back this up: Celesto created the Unicornicopians himself. It's quite possible that he didn't create enough in the beginning to maintain genetic diversity, leading to the population degrading over time.
    • Chapter 19 of the rewritten season 1 states that Celesto's initial batch of ponies consisted of 100 individuals, and it's implied that he never created any more. Realistically, they'd have Kissing Cousins everywhere in about three generations. A thousand years later, the Unicornicopian gene pool would be... interesting, to say the least.
  • Adding on to the above: Each Unicornicopian has a 4-digit identification code in the format letter-letter-digit-letter, which works out to a mere 175 760 possible IDs. Either there exist multiple unicorns with the same number (which defeats the point of having them in the first place) or Unicornicopia has a very small population, to the point where inbreeding would be pretty much inevitable when combined with the skewed gender ratio.

The town in MLP:FIM's Season 5 animatic is a parody of Unicornicopia.
There's an alicorn, the cutie marks (equal signs) are the exact same (kind of like how Unicornicopians' are nothing but numbers and letters) and they seem to be convinced their lives under the system are awesome. The Mane 6 and Spike shall teach them that friendship is magic and that differences aren't inequality.

Twilight's death was the product of a Uriah Gambit.
It's established in canon that Twilight is very, very powerful. So powerful, in fact, that in Starfleet's eyes, she's a threat. So when they try to conscript the Equestrians into Starfleet, they deliberately engineered a test for Twilight so that she would mess up and give them an excuse to claim "This is why we're better than you". By establishing their superiority, they try to prevent her from realizing that she possesses just as much power (if not more, which is likely) than them, so she doesn't end up using that power against them if she potentially goes the Ace Ray route, especially given that she's seen questioning their beliefs at points (most notably their "kill anything that can't be captured/converted" policy). This culminates in the aforementioned Uriah Gambit: when Twilight runs in to deal with Raven, Starfleet could have sent backup, but chose not to so that she would get killed (note that they don't run in to fight her like they do with any other enemy that pops up). Then they have the excuse that she disobeyed orders and went in alone, thus making it look like an accident.

Celesto's life is a fabrication, and Rhymey is unintentionally responsible for Equestria's Flanderization.
Think of it this way: according to the Grand Ruler's backstory, he and Celestia first met when they were but foals and the latter was just a princess-in-training. He also had a bully during his foalhood, who later turned into King Sombra. And then later during a war against Nightmare Moon, he was forced to another planet by the tyrant.


As revealed in the Journal of the Two Sisters, Celestia and Luna were both made princesses by way of the three figureheads representing the different races, long before they first took up raising the sun and moon respectively, the comics reveal that Sombra was an agent of the Umbrum raised in the Crystal Empire instead of a bully turned evil, and the show itself depicts the battle between Celestia and Nightmare Moon as a one-on-one event instead of the grievous war presented in the fic. This leads me to believe that either Celesto himself was born with these memories, or he's a Manipulative Bastard, and some of the "return magic" he placed on Rhymey during his stay in Equestria also functioned as a mind-altering spell and spread across the nation, turning everypony into a one-note caricature of their true selves while shaping history to fit Celesto's memory/mindset, including Celestia and Luna "remembering" him after so long. It even makes sense, too; before Rhymey arrived, the ponies themselves were acting pretty much how they normally do, and then after he arrived, it all went downhill from there.

Celesto's magic and ponies alter personalities.
In an alternate theory to the above, Grand Ruler is a being who not only wants to rule all but hates 3D personalities as he thinks they make life too complicated. He created a species without personalities and imbued in each member active magic that turns others who come into contact with them (or even be in the same galaxy as them) and are not Space Ponies into one-note caricatures of themselves. In addition, it also makes heroes more likely to agree with and admire Space Ponies, no matter what they say or do and decreases the intelligence of heroes and villains alike. Occasionally, a good person will hate the Space Ponies but because their smarts have still shrunk, they'll insult Space Ponies out in the open instead of planning rebellion in the shadows. Because the magic takes effect almost the moment they enter a new world, most Space Ponies are unaware of this personality-altering magic they possess.The magic also turns certain species all good or all evil, like the Crystallites. Sometimes, it affects entire planets, as it's been noted in the sixth "episode" of the first "season" that whole planets are either good or evil.
  • So your morality can suddenly change as soon as Celesto and his band of "heroes" come into your life? Suddenly, turning evil by soaking in a spring sounds like a better alternative...
Celesto is actually quite intelligent and powerful. He just pretends to be an idiot and a weakling in order to get those who are unaffected to let their guard down and expose themselves...
  • So by that logic, if you somehow resist or defy his magic, you still have to keep your guard up around him. Feels like a no-win situation, what with how powerful he really is. Incidentally, the whole Twilight Uriah Gambit theory also makes sense if this is the truth. Everything's starting to make all too much sense!
Long ago, a bunch of Space Ponies actually attempted a revolt but were put down. When Celesto interrogated the survivors, much to his shock, he found that they had 3D personalities and intelligence. Further analysis revealed that they didn't possess Celesto's personality-altering magic (recall that, in the first paragraph, I stated that the active magic affects those who are not Space Ponies so, even being around others of their kind who had this magic, the untainted were unaffected so they had 3D personalities). After much experimentation, Grand Ruler found that his brand of magic, while possessing galaxy-wide effects, was finite. Only approximately 175 760 Space Ponies could have it at any one time. Thus, Grand Ruler implemented the ID system so as to keep better track of the number of Space Ponies and prevent this from happening again. Whenever more Space Ponies are born than the ID system can allocate IDs to and his magic can't be passed down to, Celesto has the oldest ones killed (though usually so that it seems like a natural cause) so that the portion of personality-altering powers will be returned to him then passed on to the newest Space Ponies.
  • Holy shit, it is all coming together! Our fanon is weaving itself into one! Yes, yes, yes! Piece by piece, it is being created into one definitive truth.....HAIL HYDRA!
  • My god. I think I found the real reason behind Starla's family's deaths just by this revelation alone! Her dad tried to reason with an evil alien race and got killed because of it, right? Maybe those weren't the actual aliens, but agents sent to do the Grand Ruler's bidding! He was executed on the spot for having a three-dimensional personality! Everything's finally coming together!
  • So how do you think Starla's dad got a 3D personality? Wouldn't that mean he didn't have an ID code?
  • Either that, or he developed a personality at some point. And if Celesto's cunning is to be believed, he essentially had him live longer just to have him grow on the surrounding ponies, before he shared a demonstration of what they do to ponies who grow mentally...
  • Now how do you suppose he developed a personality?
  • Probably after witnessing a close friend die and discovering he can feel sadness. Celesto then chose to capitalize on this and make him out to be the idiot of the group until his execution, just to show that evil can't be reasoned with. It also scarred poor Starla for life...
  • But emotions aren't the same as personality traits. With the development of a personality, would that mean that Celesto's trait-changing magic was expunged from Starla's dad?
  • He was the exception to the rule. His personality developed, but he never discovered the personality-warping magic inside of him. If we just change the theory so that he tried to reason with the aliens, but they were already affected by his own magic, then we might have a better idea of what we're up against.
  • So you're stating that, by some fluke, a Space Pony developed a personality despite possessing Celesto's altering magic. It sounds quite rare...
  • Which is why when the Grand Ruler found out, he used him as a demonstration of how it's a bad thing to have a personality by letting him live a normal life, and then killing him before he could do anything for his daughter. Knowing our theories on what GR is like, this could be the case.
  • But if most Space Ponies haven't encountered real personalities before, how would they know what real personalities are?
  • Maybe it was meant to scare them? They wouldn't know what it is, and seeing a pony like that get slaughtered just for having a differing opinion would keep them in check should they ever revolt.
I feel the need to clarify something. The active magic Space Ponies possess makes them go through similar effects as those around them, except it causes them to have no personality traits rather than exaggerated ones. Exhibit A; compare the members of Starfleet with those of the Mane Six. At least, you can tell the latter apart just by hearing them talk; with the former, the only differences are their hobbies.
  • So even they're affected by their own magic... No wonder they're so blindly obedient.
In his youth as an ordinary pony, Celesto lusted for power, control and Celestia. He really did get stranded in a distant galaxy, though I'm fairly certain it had nothing to do with Nightmare Moon. When he returned centuries later, Grand Ruler was disgusted and perturbed that there were four princesses of Equestria. He hates Cadance and Twilight simply because they weren't born royalty (even though he wasn't either). So he cursed them with atrocious luck, Cadance moreso due to her actually ruling a part of Equestria. He was content to keep both of them alive at first so he could keep tormenting them but then he discovered that Twilight was somewhat resisting his mind-altering magic. Fearing she could become completely immune to it, find a way to render others also immune and rally people to fight Starfleet, Celesto orchestrated her death...and he made it so that Twilight's semi-resistance would ironically lead to her downfall. He transfigured the memories and body of the one who would become Raven so that she would bear a grudge against Celestia for a death that didn't happen and unknowingly obey his commands. Naturally, he ordered Starfleet not to try to fight Raven. As Grand Ruler expected, Twilight's semi-resistance to his magic made her defy his orders, pursue Raven and, well, you know the rest...Celesto gave Raven a plothole-riddled backstory on purpose: Simplified ones would be too stupid to question it while Unsimplified ones, if they were to figure it out, would think him an idiot for crafting memories of such poor quality.

I hereby dub the process by which people are stripped of their intelligence and 3D personalities by Space Ponies' active magic "Simplification" for three reasons: It makes personalities simple, it makes people simpletons and it, through the prior two, makes life simple in a bad way.

  • Personally, I like to call it "Mykanization" because it applies to all his universes, but within the context of this universe, "Simplification" sounds like a better name.

Fridge Horror time: Nowadays, Starfleet imprisons species they have inadvertently Simplified into being evil. But what do you think they did to so-called evil species before they invented capturing magic/tech...?

  • Assuming Celesto wasn't already smart enough to have it invented prior (being a God-Mode Sue and all), it's entirely possible that... well, you know. BOOM!

A modification to my theory: The human and pony who would come to be known as Celesto Grandruler and Grand Ruler Celesto respectively came across something that granted them the ability to warp reality when they were just small boys. However, due to their youths, they were completely unaware that they had acquired said ability, sort of like Haruhi Suzumiya. From that moment on, they would unknowingly shape their worlds as they, mere children, saw it, with one-dimensional people, species that were exclusively good or evil, somewhat different laws of physics, etc. Thus, upon encountering these, they would believe that was the way the worlds are and thus keep them shaped that way, creating a horrid cycle. Because they both, in a way, didn't want to grow up, their reality warping abilities ensured their mentalities stayed pretty much the same as they were when they were kids. As kids naturally think they're special or at least desire to be so, they acquired attributes that made them so thanks to their reality warping, even unwittingly modifying their own memories so that the latter thinks he was born with three golden horns and wings, instead of accidentally giving himself those. It seems that they might have come into contact with each other at one point (although they might not remember or realize this) and the human left an impact on the pony, making him obsessed with humanoid bodies and such. They'll also subconsciously deal with those who they unknowingly deem a threat to their powers, such as Twilight Sparkle.

One of the Demonites is named after me.
I am being 100% serious about this right now. On FiMfiction, my username is Slick 146, same as my FF.Net account and SB account. I had a PM with Mykan, and learned what a jerkass he is first hand. He has banned me from commenting on his stuff as well, and noted that I enjoy reading fanfics and riffing others. So, apparantly, one of the Demonites is named Slick. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that he named that particular Demonite after me? I feel.....amused, disgusted, shocked, and really confused right now. Possibly aroused...
  • Nevermind, it was written before I encountered him. I got real paranoid there for a second.
  • That would have been kinda funny, actually.
  • He saw your username and figured he wouldn't get along with you anyway, so he anticipated your bad encounter and named the Demonite Slick to warn you to stay away.

Ace Ray was in a coma during the entirety of Nightmare Moon and Titan's raid on Equestria.
Think about it: you end up getting knocked out for what seems like a day, and you wake up to find yourself and your entire species mutated into something else and your entire planet having blown up and been replaced by a new one. That's not even getting into discovering that not only are the heroes of your land praising these ponies who came clear out of nowhere, but their ruler is now married to your own. No wonder Ace Ray's so quick to hate on Starfleet! You know, aside from the other obvious reasons.

Krysta acts useless on purpose.
She's supposed to be pretty powerful, but all she gets to do in fights is get pushed around by the villains. This troper believes that, in truth, she hates Starfleet and everything they represent and hopes that, without her interference, they'll eventually get killed when fighting their villains. To that end, she hides her true power (and intelligence) and, when she has to fight, acts weak. Why she's traveling with Lightning and Starfleet in the first place, though, is something I haven't figured out.
  • Maybe she actually sees Lightning Dawn as a Morality Pet and wants him to see how fruitless his efforts are without her?

Shining Light's future self will appear in the story.
Considering Mykan's habit of copying his own works, it wouldn't be surprising for him to recycle the plot with Castor and Lelliani from Season IV. In a season of Starfleet Magic, Shining Light's future self will arrive to the present time, psychologically torture an MLP character(s) because they "had to" and hand out Dei Ex Machina to Starfleet on a silver platter so that they can defeat the Monsters of the Week and the Big Bad.

Next character based on his critics will suffer a worse punishment than the ones before.
As a way of getting back at his critics, Mykan will make another character based on his critics and torture them so horribly, Ace Ray and Brass Bolt's punishments will pale in comparison.

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