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Funny / My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic

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For moments that are unintentionally hilarious, go to this page.

The fic itself

  • This little gem from one of the earlier chapters, which manages to be genuinely amusing:
    Brain: Eh... What should we say?
    Lightning: How about... "come and get us"?
    (the door slams behind the crew, causing them to scream)
    Lightning: Although a blood-curdling scream is just as good.
  • In the rewritten season 1, Artie pointing out to Lightning that Inquerius only speaks in questions, before saying that at least her Verbal Tic is less annoying than Rhymey's. Rhymey can only muster up the Lame Comeback "Annoying, eh? My rhymes are okay."
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  • During the confrontation with Ace Ray in Part III, someone finally gets fed up with Rhymey's rhyming.
    Rhymey: There's no need to make a fuss / there is nothing he can do to us.
    Ace Ray: And you... will YOU STOP WITH THAT RHYMING!
  • In the second chapter of "Starfleet Humans", Celestia nearly hits Lightning Dawn with her car, leading to an argument between the two. Cue the extremely awkward moment one chapter later when, at Lightning's visit to the principal on his first day, he and Celestia recognize each other.


Meta examples

  • Although the fic itself is rarely funny, the ponibooru thread is hilarious at times. For example:
    • The author mentioned he didn't have a name for the Grand Ruler, and a few people were offering genuine names while most were just trolling him. And then it was revealed:
    Stop hating on Celesto!
    • The others trolling the author with Rule 34 of the Grand Ruler.
    • The reaction to the petty Take That! against one of the forumites who tried to help him.


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