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Trivia / My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic

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  • Creator's Apathy:
    • The author pretty much states that he doesn't care about the originality of the fic and doesn't bother with characterization.
  • Creator's Favorite:
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  • Creator's Pest: It should be evident from the writing that Mykan doesn't hold most of the Friendship is Magic cast in particularly high regard, but he has it in for Princess Cadance in particular for being Happily Married while his OTPs in Digimon and Teen Titans aren't officially a thing. He also despises Twilight for being a "Control Freak who tries to force friendship on other people" (His words, not ours). To a lesser extent, he's also been open about his belief that Rarity is a terrible character due to being an annoying diva (ignoring her Hidden Depths entirely, as per his favored writing style).
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Some websites refer to the author as "Canadian Chris-Chan", due to similarities in their work and how they behave online.
    • "Grand Dumbass" for Grand Ruler due to his incompetence. Also "Triceratops" due to having three horns.
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    • Thanks to the existence of two separate reconstructions, some have taken to calling this fic's Lightning Dawn "LD Prime" due to him being the original.
  • Name's the Same:
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Mykan admited the death of Granny Smith in season VIII was influenced by his grandmother's death in real life.
  • Recycled Script: There are a number of similarities between the bad guys in Seasons V and VII:
    • Big Bad has a younger family member who they care for deeply (Pinsar and his daughter Phoebe; Sienna and her younger brother Mako).
    • Said family member gets separated from the others (Phoebe runs away; Mako is blown away in an explosion).
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    • Big Bad has two second-in-commands, a rebellious Token Evil Teammate who eventually makes an attempt on another baddie's life then gets caught and punished for it, and a more obedient guy who knows what the former is doing but is too scared to do anything about it. Between the two, the rebellious one goes down first, then the compliant one (Stag and Slick; Slash and Omnisha).
    • Villains live in a huge ship, and live a nomadic lifestyle trashing and raiding other planets.
    • The guy who got separated from the others is saved by at least one person, who the lost guy grows to care about (Phoebe and Jetar; Mako and Starfleet).
    • At least one of the major villains gets or is already orphaned (Phoebe loses her parents in season 5; Sienna and Mako lost theirs over 200 years ago).
    • One of the villains is a red humanoid alien (Jetar and Omnisha).
    • The lost family member reunites with the main villain just before they get defeated (Phoebe is returned to Pinsar just before he dies; Mako reunites with Sienna in the finale, trying to free her from the influence of the Chaos Guardian, and leaves with her to prison).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original concept for Starfleet Magic, back when it was still called "My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing" was that it was set in an Alternate Universe, never crossing over with Friendship is Magic at all. At this point in time, Mykan had never actually watched Friendship is Magic, and once he did, this plan was scrapped and it was made into a Crossover fanfic.
    • Celesto originally was going to be called Mykan.
    • In a seemingly now-deleted video regarding Starfleet Magic, Mykan revealed a villainous robotic character named Techno, who never appears in the story. It is believed by most that Fratello ultimately replaced him.
    • There was going to be a part where the Grand Ruler would execute everyone who made fun of Starfleet. This was aimed at Project A.F.T.E.R, who have mocked several of Mykan's past fics.
    • Twilight wouldn't have just died, her soul would have been destroyed too.
    • Star Swirl the Bearded would have been revealed to be a fraud.
    • Cadance would have miscarried due to being kicked by a possessed Shining Armor instead of a pillar falling on her.
    • Season 7 originally featured a 4th Batling named Negro. It seems that Mykan realized the Unfortunate Implications of the name and decided to remove the character outright instead of renaming them.


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