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Anxiety Jordan: Jordan, you're aging. You're aging every hour you play this game.
Jordan: I'm aware.
Anxiety Jordan: Then why are you still playing this game?
Jordan: [In an intense whisper.] Because it's cute!

Anxiety Jordan: Youtube's algorithm. If you keep playing Animal Crossing the Youtube algorithm will not be kept up with.
Jordan: Can you tell this guy to calm down?
Sad Jordan: He never calms down. He’s a mess. Hey Anxiety Jordan, "death."
Anxiety Jordan: Death! T-Ticking time… heart attack… dental hygiene…

Jordan: Hey! Jordan!
Evil Jordan: Yes, Jordan?
Jordan: Did you know they made a movie out of Silent Hill 3?
Evil Jordan: They made a movie out of Silent Hill 3!? Let's watch it!
(Clips from the movie are shown wherein Heather is mocked by her classmates. Cut back to Evil Jordan, who looks stunned before slowly pulling a bug out of his mouth and looking at it.)
Evil Jordan: ... Eww.
Silent Hill 3 and The Worst Movie Ever

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