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Quotes / JLA/Avengers

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"Tell yourself that, Mister... Ease yourself to sleep at night while you let your world go to Hell! Where I come from, though... LIVES MATTER!"

"HEL-LO! WERE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOURSELF?! 'Stick to the plan,' he says. 'Observe and move on,' he says. But does he follow the plan? Or does he spend twenty minutes beating up some LOON in Kevlar to save some drug dealers?!"
Plastic Man

"Go ahead, puny-costume men! Blast Hulk again!"
Hulk, being the Hulk.

"Oh, that arrow? Last one I had. T.N.T. arrow."
Hawkeye, as he saves the day.

Wasp: And Justice League, uh—Lambaste!
Wasp invents a Catchphrase for the Justice League.

"Yo, Star-shorts! I figured that you'd be getting bored, so I thought I'd hang with you. We can talk girl-talk. Y'know, butt-kicking, name-taking, like that."
She-Hulk, making a new friend.

Superman: Captain. Whether we fear we do too much, or not enough.
Captain America: We keep trying. Glad to have met you. All of you.
Superman and Captain America exchange farewell's.