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Tear Jerker / JLA/Avengers

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Warning: Any spoilers in this page will remain unmarked per wiki policy

  • Upon entering the Batcave, Captain America spots Jason Todd's Robin costume.
    Captain America: You... lost a partner?
    • Batman's reaction is also sad. He takes a long silent moment, before changing the subject, trying to remain The Stoic.
      Captain America: So that's how it is with you, huh?
    • This was a year or two before the Winter Soldier storyline, so to the best of Steve's knowledge, Bucky is dead. And it's made even worse by the fact that Robin is technically the DC Counterpart to Bucky. And Under the Red Hood also happened around the same time.
    • This also followed the Batman & Captain America crossover in which Batman and Captain America swapped partners, making it sting a little more for those who read that one-shot.
  • When Batman and Captain America travel to the universes that Krona had already destroyed. Cap is appalled by the wanton destruction. Batman, in his own way, is no less shocked.
    Captain America: This is all that's left of a universe? An entire universe? How many lives...?
    Batman: And this is a game we play. A game.
  • Watching the heroes from each universe learning of their respective Face-Heel Turns, Heroic Sacrifices, and bouts of With Great Power Comes Great Insanity that they will experience in the "correct" universe.
  • The Grandmaster's death, true he was no saint, but even he didn't deserve that.
  • Barry Allen and Hal Jordan have a quiet chat, discussing their successors, and wishing they could have one last picnic with their friends.
  • Hank Pym and Jan talking to each other about him slapping her. It's Hank's utter regret that makes it so sad.
    Hank: What we saw, in the 'correct' timeline... Jan, I love you so much. I can't... can't tell you how sorry I am for... ...For something I can't even imagine doing...
  • Vision's minor Freak Out after seeing what happens to him and Scarlet Witch if reality gets restored to its proper state. Scarlet Witch has to be the one to cool him down, like only someone who loves another person from all their heart would after she already had her own freak out watching the same events. This is also made all the more poignant because what happened to her in Avengers Disassembled, about a year after this story, was for the very same reason.
  • Hawkeye and Flash's apparent deaths by disintegration.