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Nightmare Fuel / JLA/Avengers

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Warning: Any spoilers in this page will remain unmarked per wiki policy

  • While some comparisons between the DC!Earth and the Marvel!Earth are played for laughs, it's anything but when J'onn and Diana come across the remains of Genosha. Wonder Woman even compares it to the destruction of Hiroshima. When asked why the place was annihilated, J'onn reads the minds of those nearby. Explaining to the other League members that the inhabitants were discriminated against for having genetic mutations, all while holding the skull of one of the victims in his hand... (Keep in mind, this is especially offensive to J'onn, who endured a Martian pogrom himself.) It's used as ammo in a "Reason You Suck" Speech by Superman towards Thor about the heroes of the Marvel Verse as a whole for letting such an atrocity happen at all.
    Superman: Tell yourself that, Mister... Ease yourself to sleep at night while you let your world go to Hell! Where I come from, though...LIVES MATTER!
  • Scarlet Witch's attempts to control the DC Universe's Chaos Magic. The effort starts to take its toll on her rather quickly, turning Wanda's skin sickly pale. Eventually it gets so bad her skin turns grey to the point she looks like an actual zombie.
  • Krona's rampage throughout the multiverse, we only see a few universes being destroyed by his "research" into the origins of existence. But just imagine how many he destroyed off-panel before he encountered the Marvel Universe.
  • While nothing comes of it (thankfully), during the final battle. Hal Jordan is seen transforming into Parallax just before another dimensional shift occurs and swaps him out with Kyle Rayner. The Atom, who is on his shoulder, has the appropriate reaction (especially considering as it seems Hal is having a Despair Event Horizon like in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!, as a reaction to the Flash and Hawkeye being killed). Thankfully, This Is Gonna Suck is averted, barely.
  • DARKSEID WEARING THE INFINITY GAUNTLET! Thankfully, it's non-functional in the DC Universe, and Darkseid dismisses the thing when he realizes it, but good God, just the idea of it...note  See, while Thanos has managed to use it at its full power more than once, he's hampered by a truckload of neuroses preventing him from using its full potential and his ultimate wish for the Gauntlet is to impress a woman (Lady Death). Darkseid just wants to enslave the entire Universe and his focus on domination and boiling hate for every single positive aspect of reality is beyond laser. The times that have depicted Darkseid winning have shown he doesn't really care about And Then What? and just ruling with an iron fist.