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Quotes / Infernal Retaliation

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"Fire will eventually destroy a zombie, but a fiery zombie destroys a lot of other things first."
Guise of Fire flavour text, Magic: The Gathering

"I think it's hard to not be mad and on fire."
Kaiser Neko, Team Four Star

"Plan 24: Haemopyrokinetic Adam X deployed to attempt to incapacitate Juggernaut by igniting blood. Result: Blood ignition a success, but worse than ineffective. For fifteen minutes, unstoppable Juggernaut is rendered an unstoppable Juggernaut that ignites everything he touches."

"In a desperate attempt to remove it from the ship I set fire to the staircase, unfortunately it doesn't give way and now the 9ft tall monster with a giant crab claw guillotine gains the advantage of BEING ON FIRE."
Troper darknessbeyondtwilight, "Your Funniest Tabletop Story" forum thread

Tycho: Who's this motherfucker?note 
Gabe: (lighting a Molotov Cocktail) It's cool. I got this.
(Gabe throws the Molotov Cocktail)
Tycho: (as he and Gabe are being chased by the now burning monster) This isn't an improvement!

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